Here’s What's Coming With The Spear Of Salvation Update For Bless Unleashed

Here's what to expect for the next update.
Here's what to expect for the next update. Bandai Namco

For the past several weeks, Bless Unleashed has been slowly revealing some of the interesting features that are going to arrive with its next major update. Titled as “The Spear of Salvation,” the Bless Unleashed expansion is set to be released on November 19 at 1:00 PM EST. So far, what has been shown is indeed interesting.

The good news is that developer Round 8 Studios has finally revealed the full release notes. By the way, the update is around 6GB, so prepare for that.

For this upcoming update, here’s the new content that players can expect:

  • Added new Ivory Dunes region
    • 40 Campaign Quests
    • 24 Sidequests
    • 10 Regional Quests
    • One Invasion Quest
    • Added two tameables
      • Stray Camel
      • Oasis Axe Beak
  • Added new Fishing system
    • Fishing areas in South and North Sperios
    • New recipes and items
    • Fishing Tool Merchant in 10 regions
  • New Deathtail Sovereign field elite
  • Added Madaan Reputation Merchant
  • Added Mastery Crafting
  • Added Crafting Promotion quests
  • Added SP Shop system
  • Added new mounts
  • Added new quests
  • Added new estate decorations
  • New attendance system
  • Added Elemental Damage
    • Elemental damage is not affected by the target’s defense.
    • Some NPCs will deal elemental damage.
    • Some NPCs are weak against specific elements and take additional damage.

There’s also going to be changes to Invasions. In particular, the goal of defeating elite monsters for most invasions are now separated into an individual phase. Changes are coming to Dungeons as well and in particular are:

  • New Five Player Lair
    • Forgotten Sewers
  • New Five Player Dungeon
    • The Nightspire - Entropic Descent
  • New Two Player Arena
    • The Dune Tyrant

As mentioned in previous coverage of the update, a Class Levels System has been added. Details include:

  • Class Level can be unlocked by completing the New Power quest.
  • Stats improve as Class Level increases.
  • Class Level determines your maximum amount of Class Points.
  • Once Class Level is activated, players can upgrade passive skills with Class Points.
  • Players can purchase CP Tickets and CP Reset cards from the SP Merchant.
  • Within "Class Passive Effect" under Main Menu > Skills > Class Skill, players can invest their Class Points to improve the passive they want:
    • CP Tickets can be used to obtain Class Points
    • The Class Points invested in a passive can be reset by using CP Reset Cards
    • The number of CP Reset Cards required increases the more you reset

Speaking of Classes, expect these changes as well:

  • Berserker
    • Decreased the Fury gained from combo attacks from 4 > 3.
    • Decreased Fury gained from Skill attacks from 5 > 4.
    • The duration of Bloodleech has been decreased from 15 seconds > 10 Seconds.
      • Extended time from upgrading has been changed to 5 seconds > 3 seconds.
  • Ranger
    • Changed the effect of Peregrine Strike to knock back.
    • Changed the daze effect of Unrelenting Will(Peregrine Strike's Passive) to when a successful final attack has been landed.
      • The target now have their movement speed reduced by 25% for 4 seconds.
  • Mage
    • Firebomb: Increased the cooldown time from 8 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Arcane Flash: When flash has been used repeatedly, the cooldown time for the skill will increase by 5 seconds.
    • The Daze effect of attacking after using the Amplify skill has been changed to decreasing the target's movement speed.
    • The Blind Executioner: Changed the stage 3 of the Meteor Skill (Immunity to most disruptions skills).
      • For 3 seconds, a Protective Shield is granted which any next attack is nullified.
      • The protective shield can be applied every 24 seconds.
  • Priest
    • Smiting Fist's knockback effect has been changed to upperdown.

You can view the complete patch notes for the new update here.

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