Bless Unleashed Starts Closed Beta Test On Steam

Set to arrive for the PC.
Set to arrive for the PC. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed originally was an Xbox One exclusive, but only recently launched for the PlayStation 4. However, Bless Unleashed isn't done expanding, as it has entered a Closed Beta Test on PC via Steam.

The Bless Unleashed beta test is available on Steam from November 5 until November 9. In a post, the Bless Unleashed team revealed that the "main purpose of the test is to verify global service stability through the Steam platform.” The results are then going to be used in order to improve both the experience and service of the game.

In order to join in the closed beta test, players will need to be invited. If someone gets an invite, they will be sent a Steam key. To join in the beta, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Steam
  • Go to Menu > Games > "Activate a Product on Steam"
  • Register the Steam Key during the steps of product registration.
  • When the Steam Key is completely registered, Bless Unleashed can be found in Library.
  • Install Bless Unleashed and launch the client.

For those who manage to join the test, here’s what can be expected:

  • Classes available
    • Guardian
    • Berserker
    • Ranger
    • Mage/Priest
  • Level range
    • Level 1-24
  • Open Regions
    • Carzacor
    • Navarra
    • Gnoll Wastes
    • Tristezza
  • PVP
    • PVP fields available for Level 27 and below.
    • Up to Lv. 24 Field Bosses, Quests and Dungeons are available.

Those who participate in the closed beta test get a special in-game mount that can be used once Bless Unleashed goes live for the PC in 2021. There’s also the “Breaker of Games” title along with a seven-day Valor Perks reward. To get the perks, don’t forget to register through the HELA launcher platform.

In a statement to the press, Round 8 Studio Head of Development Jason Park shared that this closed beta is truly a great milestone. He added that “thousands of players signed up to take part in the test, and we can’t wait for them to dive in and see everything Bless Unleashed has to offer for PC gamers.”

Bonus Field Loot Event

PS4 and Xbox One players still have time to enjoy the Bonus Field Loot Event, which ends on November 10 at 1:00 PM EST. This event focuses on rewarding players as they hunt down enemies in the open world environment of Lumios. Here’s what players can expect:

  • 2x Gold Drops
  • 2x Regional Map Drop
    • Carzacor region excluded
  • 2x Taming Success Rate
  • 4x Drop rate for Card: Worker

Also during this event the Lumena Shop is offering the 10x Recovery Scroll bundle for 25% off. This should make sure that players can get back up and hunt as soon as possible.

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