Hellish Quart: Find Out More About Your Fencer's Motivation in New Arcade Mode

Hellish Quart
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Hellish Quart is a sword-fighting game where you play as one of the 17th-century warriors. Equipped with sabers, rapiers, and broadswords, you must beat every opponent that you face using perfectly-timed hits. What’s more, you can even play the game on VR, though it is still very much a work in progress, so expect some bugs here and there.

Anyway, developer Kubold has released an update that adds the new Arcade Mode in Hellish Quart. In this mode, you’ll be pitted against various opponents until you face the final boss.

What’s good about Arcade Mode is that you can find out what motivated your fencer to join the tournament. The narrative aspect of this game mode is still pretty barebones, with only text panels to show you some backstory. However, the company assures that they will be replaced with proper cutscenes in the future.

Take note that the final boss in Arcade Mode will put your skills to the test; hopefully, you’ve mastered your chosen fencer at that point. Otherwise, you’ll have a challenging time.

The latest update has implemented some tweaks as well. One of the most notable is that the starting position is moved back by 0.5 meters for both you and your opponent. This is to prevent poking or “sucker punching” with long-range attacks. Although it might look a little further away than before, the company said that this is the proper distance for fencing in the real world.

You can find the other changes made in this patch below:

  • Gedeon: Tweaks of attack canceling timings for more responsive blocks
  • Meadow arena: slightly less yellow postprocessing
  • All characters: tweaks of the next attack input delay after your previous attack was blocked (mostly longer). This is not a typical "minus on block", because you still can block incoming attacks, you just can't instantly repeat the attack after the first one got blocked. This can break combos but doesn't apply to combos that were executed before impact. This is consistent with real-world fencing, where the riposte is usually faster than repeating an attack.
  • Samuel: Attack animation tweaks for better parry-riposte exchanges
  • Samuel: Better attack animations in far-close range dynamic blending
  • Game Speed slider value in Gameplay Options no longer saves, it resets to 1.0x speed on every game restart
  • Hit reactions from Close Attacks (punches etc.) can now also be canceled by dodging back
  • Isabella: increased muscle strength for more accurate sword attack trajectories
  • Isabella: you can now cancel a linked attack in mid-combo
  • Isabella: way shorter recovery from attacks after impact (the cooldown for the next attack still applies, but she can block way faster after impact)
  • Alexander: basic cutting attacks slower canceling on whiffs
  • Alexander: a bit slower guard animations (by 0.03s)
  • Marta: slower Close Attack animation and a slower rate of repeating it
  • Isabella: her thrusts are now blocked only if the blade contact was at the top of her blade
  • Isabella: better aiming when thrusting
  • Isabella: her sword loses momentum on block way faster now
  • Barabasz: damage cap on the next attacks in a combo is a bit higher

Hellish Quart Latest Update is available on PC.

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