Hell Let Loose Patch 16: VOIP Changes, Streamer Mode, and More

Hell Let Loose Patch 16
Hell Let Loose Patch 16 Steam

Hell Let Loose recently received Patch 16 that made gameplay changes and fixed some known issues. The developers have improved the reliability of the VOIP connection, which makes it very good for players who don’t want to use third-party VOIP software. Players can now reconnect using the new reconnect feature.

Streamers finally get some privacy with the “Steamer Mode.” This feature hides player name, location, and server information from the HUD. This exclusive mode makes stream sniping more challenging, a good thing for streamers. Check some of the other changes below.

Hell Let Loose Patch 16

  • Reduced the cost to build Repair Stations from 100 to 50.
  • Reduced Bazooka ammo to 2 rockets.
  • Holding [F] while bleeding will immediately equip a bandage and begin bandaging.
  • Improved the reliability of Deploying weapons on objects.
  • Extensive optimization pass on Stalingrad.
  • Switched from a fixed streaming pool size to being based on a percent of available VRAM across all maps.
  • Continuous optimization pass on a large number of in-game assets (Far too many to list).
  • Reduced frame stutter occurring in Kursk and Carentan caused by PhysX.
  • Display a vehicle’s component health to the player repairing the vehicle.
  • Added a profanity filter to server names.
  • FPS is now capped to 60 in the Main Menu to prevent 100% GPU usage.
  • Certain keybinds are now displayed on the HUD while operating vehicles.
  • Markers now display a timer on the Tactical Map.
  • Aligned the HUD compass to the orientation of the Tactical Map.
Bug Fixes
  • Players are unable to deploy an MG on the level 3 German & Russian bunkers.
  • The US truck’s glass is bulletproof.
  • Tracers have incorrect orientation.
  • US Outpost displays the incorrect shine effect.
  • Players can bypass the Clan-Tag length limitation.
  • The player who places a constructible ghost receives no points for upgrading it.
  • Players using non-default fonts in their Steam Profile Name can have invisible names in the game.
  • The German Medium tank does not receive damage when shot in the barrel with the Russian Medium tank’s AP shell at a certain area.
  • Revive/Healing a teammate UI sometimes does not appear.

You can read more about the update on Steam. If you want to read the extended patch notes, head over here.

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