Heaven Burns Red Confirmed for a PC Release via Steam

Jun Maeda’s latest project was first released on mobile devices earlier this year.
Heaven Burns Red, Key and Jun Maeda's latest project, has been confirmed for a PC release via Steam.
Heaven Burns Red, Key and Jun Maeda's latest project, has been confirmed for a PC release via Steam. Key

After its initial release on iOS and Android earlier this year, WFS and Key’s free-to-play action game Heaven Burns Red is officially confirmed for a PC release via Steam, though no concrete release date has been revealed. The announcement was made on the official Twitter page for Heaven Burns Red, and you can check out the original tweet (in Japanese) below.

Heaven Burns Red is best known as the return of Jun Maeda and Key, 15 years after the studio’s last collaboration on Little Busters! Jun Maeda is a legend in the visual novel space, with many crediting him to be a pioneer in the genre. He is best known for three of Key’s most beloved works: Kanon, Air, and Clannad, and his writing contributions on Angel Beats!

Heaven Burns Red, his latest lead writing work, is a free-to-play action game with gacha elements, a significant departure from his previous titles often associated with the visual novel genre. However, like his other works, Maeda acts as a composer for Heaven Burns Red, with music a central theme of the game. Heaven Burns Red features Ruka Kayamori, a former vocalist and guitarist for a now-disbanded yet legendary band called “She is Legend.”

Heaven Burns Red’s story takes place in a version of Earth where humanity is besieged by mysterious aliens called “Cancers.” These Cancers cannot be harmed with humanity’s conventional weaponry, forcing most survivors to abandon the surface world. In an act of desperation, humanity created a weapon called “Seraph” which can take on Cancers. While humanity has succeeded in gathering people who can control a Seraph, they are all girls, with Ruka Kayamori finding herself as one of them.

While the announcement for a proper PC release of Heaven Burns Red is exciting for fans, there are a few caveats. It seems that at the moment, it’s only planned with Japanese localization in mind. However, given the popularity of Key in Western territories, we may see a proper English localization for Heaven Burns Red on PC soon following its initial release in the future.

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