Hearts of Iron IV: "Barbarossa" Patch 1.11.4 Implements Balancing Changes and Improvements

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.11.4
Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.11.4 Twitter/@HOI_Game

The “Barbarossa” Patch 1.11.4 now available for Hearts of Iron IV has a plethora of balancing changes and improvements. So, let’s dive right into the highlights!

Balancing Changes

First up, Naval bases now cost 5,000 Industry Capacity (IC) instead of 3,000. They also incur an extra cost of 1,000 for every additional level gained.

If you request for an air supply mission, be ready as the fuel costs have increased by 50%. Moreover, air supply now grants 0.2 supply per plane from 1.2, but you’re guaranteed 100% mission efficiency to compensate.

The Army and Navy Spirits have their cost discounted to 20/35/50. Additionally, the Air spirits now cost 50 air experience.

The developers also increased the hard attack (HA) and soft attack (SA) values of multiple tank guns. Furthermore, the costs for medium modules are reduced, and base speeds are increased slightly.


The Soviet Union AI now prioritizes building a decent civilian factory base before doing anything else. Aside from that, you can count on the USA to produce a usable infantry template from here on out.

If you are into modding, the documentation has been updated to reflect the changes implemented in this update.

Patch Highlights

  • Reduced compliance gain bonuses in advisor and country leader traits from 0.1 to 0.05. Kamenev will now provide a 0.02 compliance bonus as advisor and 0.05 as country leader
  • Reduced weekly stability bonus and replaced weekly war support bonus by a flat one in Stalin's traits
  • Increases hub Max Motorization cost to 80 trucks
  • Reduced Dozer Blade entrenchment bonus to 1
  • Fixed a corner case where AI defensive line generation would slow the game down to a crawl
  • Fixed OOS caused by bombing buildings with railway guns present
  • Assigning railway guns to armies will no longer induce a sudden drop in-game speed performance
  • Manually marking equipment variants as non-obsolete updates the alerts
  • Fix hourly UI update Breaking transitions between officer corps windows
  • Capital star icon updates when province changes controller
  • Fix orders group UI not reflecting the motorization state of units after loading a save
  • Fix AI rail upgrade issuing redundant upgrade commands
  • RWG slightly afraid of provinces under attack
  • Railway guns should now have better positioning
  • Removed obsolete Soviet AI strategies. Old AI strategy to antagonize Finland is now enabled by the appropriate focus.
  • Stop ENG from building too many civs

You can read the full patch notes here.

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