Hearthstone to Refresh Rewards Track When United in Stormwind Drops

See what new rewards are coming.
See what new rewards are coming. Blizzard

The United in Stormwind expansion arrives in Hearthstone this August 3. Once the expansion goes live, it means the Rewards Track is going to be refreshed. So, any unclaimed rewards by players are immediately granted. At the same time, it means that a new Rewards Track becomes available.

In particular, the Rewards Track for United in Stormwind offers:

  • Packs from United in Stormwind
  • Standard packs
  • Stormwind Card Back
  • Tavern Tickets
  • Random Epic card
  • Two random Legendary cards
  • Gold

Plus, there are a total of 14 uncraftable Golden cards along with uncraftable Legendary minion Lady Prestor. Those who can finish the track get to select from 1 of 10 returning Hero Skins.

See the complete list of rewards here.

Diamond Cards

For the upcoming expansion, Varian, King of Stormwind, and Archbishop Benedictus cards get the Diamond treatment. The unlock criteria are:

  • Varian, King of Stormwind
    • Can be obtained by buying the Tavern Pass.
    • Claim the card on the Rewards track.
  • Archbishop Benedictus
    • Can be obtained by finishing the United in Stormwind Legendary Collector 5/5 Achievement.
    • This can be completed by collecting a total of 25 United in Stormwind Legendary cards.

Tavern Pass

Once the new Tavern Pass becomes available, the Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass expires. Buying the Tavern Pass at any time during the expansion get these:

  • Diamond Varian, King of Stormwind Legendary minion.
  • 10% XP Boost that lasts for the rest of the duration of the expansion.
  • All items up to the player’s current level on the paid track.

There are also additional XP Boosts, the uncraftable Golden Legendary Flightmaster Dungar, the Yrel Card Back and Alternate Hero, and an all-new cosmetic coin.

Cosmetic Coins

Talking about Cosmetic Coins, two of them will be added and these are:

  • Stormwind Coin
    • Obtained by finishing the first 90 levels of the Rewards Track with the Tavern Pass.
  • Lordaeron Coin
    • Obtained collecting 135 unique United in Stormwind cards.

United in Stormwind

The new expansion is inspired by the city of Stormwind and introduces 135 new cards. The new mechanic to be introduced is the Questline cards, added to every class. Each of the cards gives players a closer look into the journey of the new mercenary characters. Players have these cards in their hands at the start of the game, and then, for each step completed, they earn a reward. Read more about the expansion here.

Hearthstone is an online free-to-play digital collectible card game available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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