Hearthstone Patch 29.6 Brings Back Buddies to Battlegrounds

Look who's returning! Blizzard

If you've been missing your Buddies in Hearthstone, we have some good news. They're not only returning to Battlegrounds but also making their debut in Battlegrounds Duos. Buddies official return with Patch 29.6.

For those new to the game, Buddies are powerful minions that's assigned to each Hero. Every Buddy is unique to a particular Hero Power and doesn't appear in the general minion pool. Throughout the match, players can get copies of their Buddy to add to their Warband and help win the fight.

When Buddies return to the game, there are 12 new ones joining and you can learn about it here.

Make Friends

Like the last time the Buddies were in the game, each hero has a Buddy Button they can press to get their Buddy. This Buddy Button comes with an initial cost that's based on the Tavern Tier of the Buddy. The thing is, it does go down by 3 Gold each time a player wins or gets tie a combat. It goes down by only 2 Gold each time a player loses a combat.

Still on the matter of the Buddy Button, it can be pressed twice per game. Pressing the button rests the Cost and slightly increases it. The first time players press the button, they get one copy of their Buddy. The second time the button is pressed, they get two Buddies.

For Duos, since they'll now be in Duos, 10 seconds are temporarily added to all turn-timers in Duos while players get acquainted.

Minion Updates

Patch 29.6 also makes changes to the minion pool and these are:

  • Removed from the Minion Pool
    • Augmented Laborer
    • Bazaar Dealer
    • Deadstomper
    • Faceless Disciple
    • Gem Smuggler
    • Goldshell Warden
    • Heedless Hoarder
    • Long John Copper
    • Reef Explorer
    • Timecap'n Hooktail
    • Vengeful Slitherer
    • Winged Chimera
  • Returning to the Minion Pool
    • Poetic Pen Pal
    • Imposing Percussionist
    • Silent Swimmer

See what other changes are being introduced with the new patch here.

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game released in 2014 and made available for the PC. It was later ported to mobile platforms via Android and iOS later in the same year. The game has players create a deck that's centered on an iconic hero along with minions, spells, and weapons. There's also a Battlegrounds mode where players get to pick from random selections of minions and build their warband as the game progresses.

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