Hearthstone's Next Expansion Invites You to Whizbang's Workshop

Get ready for the workshop to open. Blizzard

It looks like the genius inventor and toymaker Whizbang has opened the doors to his magical workshop and invited all of Azeroth to go inside. Get ready for a world of whimsy and wonder when Whizbang's Workshop arrives to Hearthstone. This upcoming expansion launches on March 19 and brings with it 145 new cards.

One of the exciting things to look forward to is that when the workshop opens, it's also going to be the time when the game celebrates its 10th anniversary. This means Whizbang's creations are going to be cards that are inspired by a decade's worth of history. While there's going to be familiar faces, be prepared to see new takes on mechanics from the past.

A Fun-sized Version

When this new expansion arrives, it's going to introduce a new keyword and this time it's Miniaturize. What happens is that when a card with Miniaturize is played, you get a 1-man 1/1 copy that's added to your hand. This Mini version can be played right away or maybe saved for later when the time is right. This is sure to make the gameplay experience even more fun.

Make Your Own

Another interesting feature of this new expansion is the Zilliax Deluxe 3000. It's a card that's fully customizable. While building your deck for example, you can choose two of these two Zilliax Modules and then combine their costs, stats, and effects to become that perfect Zilliax. You can then finish it off with your choice of cosmetic finishes.

Pre-Purchase Now

Pre-purchase for Whizbang's Workshop is now available and those who do get an early access card. Each Whizbang's Workshop pre-purchase bundle brings with it 2 copies of Corridor Sleeper along with an early access Epic card from Whizbang's Workshop. Here are the two bundles being offered:

  • Whizbang's Workshop Mega Bundle ($79.99)
    • 80 Whizbang's Workshop card packs
    • 10 Golden Whizbang's Workshop card packs
    • 1 random Whizbang's Workshop Signature Legendary card
    • 1 random Whizbang's Workshop Golden Legendary card
    • Patches the Pirate Rogue Hero Ski
    • Patches the Pirate Card Back
    • 2 Corridor Sleeper Early Access Epic cards
  • Whizbang's Workshop Bundle ($49.99)
    • 60 Whizbang's Workshop card packs
    • 2 random Whizbang's Workshop Legendary cards
    • Patches the Pirate Card Back
    • 2 Corridor Sleeper Early Access Epic cards

Hearthstone is available on mobile platforms through Android and iOS as well as the PC.

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