Hearthstone Patch 28.0.3 Nerfs Blindeye Sharpshooter and Always a Bigger Jormungar

A few nerfs are here. Blizzard

A new patch has been released for Hearthstone which introduces a few nerfs to some of the cards. This is not really surprising considering that the Showdown in the Badlands expansion has recently been released. Patch 28.0.3 though doesn't make that big of a change but just enough to make the game more balanced.

Let's start with the Blindeye Sharpshooter which previously had an Attack/Health of 1/5. It's now been changed to 1/3. You see when the new expansion was released, it made the Naga Demon Hunter archetype rather popular despite being an outlier. This slight change hopes to make the deck slightly weaker but not kill it. Basically, it makes it riskier for the Demon Hunter to go in early with more early-game decisions needed and fewer snowballing games as a result.

Less Efficient

Another card that had a small change was Order in the Court. The details now show:

  • Old: Reorder your deck from highest Cost to lowest Cost. Draw a card.
  • New: Reorder your deck from highest Cost to lowest Cost.

In the game, the Paladin is considered as one of the strongest classes across most rank levels. This card in particular serves as a linchpin across Paladin decks as it bridges to the late-game and combo pieces. The adjustment makes sure that the transition becomes a little less efficient.

Weakening the Hunter

For the Hunter class, one of the strongest cards is Always a Bigger Jormungar. In addition, this card also has one of the most stand-out cards when it comes to play experience. By increasing the mana cost from 1 to 2, it makes the Hunter deck a bit slower and even a little less consistent. With the increase in the mana cost, the card can no longer be drawn by Trinket Tracker.

In terms of weakening the Hunter, another card looked into was Defense Attorney Nathanos. Its Attack/Defense has been modified from 5/4 to 4/4. However, new synergies have been added which allow the card to work more favorably with others like Spurfang, Twisted Frostwing, and Bovine Skeleton.

Check out what other changes the new patch introduced here.

Hearthstone is available for the PC and mobile platforms.

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