Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge Starts Tomorrow

The first Masters Tour begins tomorrow.
The first Masters Tour begins tomorrow. Blizzard

Tomorrow marks a big day for the Hearthstone esports community. It marks the start of the Masters Tour 2021 with the Masters Tour Ironforge. From March 12 to March 14, at least 400 players are competing to get a large share of the $250,000 prize pool. That’s not all since players who get at least seven wins earn points that can qualify them for the Grandmasters.

Tournament Format

Masters Tour Ironforge will be played in a four-deck, best-of-five Conquest with a ban format. Players who can get at least a 7-2 result qualify for a Masters Tour Orgrimmar invite. Here’s the breakdown for the three days of the tournament:

  • Day 1: Five rounds of Swiss.
  • Day 2: Four rounds of Swiss, followed by the Top 16 single-elimination round.
  • Day 3: Top 8 players compete in the playoffs, and a new Masters Tour Champion is crowned.

Other Details

The actual broadcast starts at 12:00 p.m. ET. The casters of the event are:

  • TJ “Azumoqt” Sanders
  • Darroch “Darroch” Brown
  • Jia “Jia” Dee
  • Neil “Lorinda” Bond
  • Alex “RavenCasts” Baguley

The entire tournament is going to be live-streamed on these YouTube channels:

2021 Roadmap

For 2021, a total of six Masters Tours is planned. After Ironforge, it will be followed by:

  • Masters Tour Ogrimmar
    • April 30 to May 2
    • Qualifying Period: March 4 to April 4
    • Ladder: February and March
  • Masters Tour Dalaran
    • June 18 to 20
    • Qualifying Period: April 15 to May 23
    • Ladder: April and May
  • Masters Tour Silvermoon
    • August 27 to 29
    • Qualifying Period: June 3 to July 18
    • Ladder: June and July
  • Masters Tour Stormwind
    • October 22 to 24
    • Qualifying Period: July 22 to September 5
    • Ladder: August and September
  • Masters Tour Undercity
    • November 19 to 21
    • Qualifying Period: September 9 to October 31
    • Ladder: October

There are also changes to the Points system for the Masters Tour. Instead of total cash earnings, Grandmasters invites are now based on total points. Under this new system, players now get points based on their performance on each Masters Tour.

Read more about the Masters Tours 2021 here.

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