Hearthstone Introducing Some Major Changes

Big changes are coming.
Big changes are coming. Blizzard

It wasn’t long ago when Hearthstone announced what’s coming to its competitive scene in 2021. However, it seems that this isn’t all that’s planned for the game. Major changes are coming and it includes the introduction of the Core Set and Classic Format.

Core Set

Now Hearthstone has this habit of rotating sets and for this year, it seems that Basic and Classic sets are heading to Wild. This is to make way for the Core Set, which now becomes part of Standard. This set is free with 235 cards and these are broken down as:

  • 88 cards returning from Classic
    • 54 class cards
    • 34 neutral cards
  • 54 cards returning from Basic
    • 41 class cards
    • 13 neutral cards
  • 55 cards returning from Wild
    • 36 class cards
    • 19 neutral cards
  • 4 cards returning from Ashes of Outland
    • 4 Demon Hunter Class cards
  • 4 cards returning from Demon Hunter Initiate
  • 1 card returning from Hall of Fame
    • Shadowform
  • 29 new cards
    • 20 Class cards
    • 9 Neutral cards

Similar to the Basic Set, players can earn cards from the Core Set by simply leveling up each class. All of the Core Set class cards are handed out between levels 1 and 10 for each class. Neutral Core Set cards, meanwhile, are unlocked and based on the sum of all the player's class levels combined, up to the combined level of 60. There are also Golden versions of the cards, which can only be unlocked by finishing any of the Achievements associated with winning games as each class.

By the way, the Core Set gets refreshed every year. This should allow for some variation to the gameplay.

Classic Format

In addition to the new set rotation and the new expansion, Hearthstone announced that it’s also releasing the Classic format. Here, players can make decks and compete using the original 240 cards of the game. That includes cards released back in 2014.

Once the patch that comes with the expansion goes live, the entire collection of the player’s Basic, Classic, and relevant Hall of Fame cards are to be mirrored and then made available for deck building under the Classic format.

Read more about these upcoming changes here.

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