Hearthstone Deckbuilding Site HearthPwn Closes Doors After Six Years

Team moves to new site
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HearthPwn Closes Down
HearthPwn Closes Down HearthPwn

Hearthstone deckbuilding site Hearthpwn announced that it will be closing its doors after six years in the business. The site officially shuts down on June 28. Hearthpwn had its beginnings way back in March of 2013, and is currently managed by Curse/Fandom.

In a post made by Robert "Fluxflashor" Veitch on the site, once the official shutdown date arrives, no new content is going to be posted on the site. However, he did say that they are keeping the "windows open" so to speak, meaning that "all the posts, decks, and other content we all have created over the years will be archived and still viewable to those who want to see it." Fluxflashor went on to say that despite not being able to post new content, he remains to be happy that "all that content and history will still be accessible because there’s quite a bit of unique content."

Initially in the report by Inven Global, Fluxflashor said that he did not know why the site was closing and that he did not have any input as to the site shutting down. He did say that while he wanted to buy the site, it was not for sale.

Inven Global has since then updated its story with a statement from Curse, stating that the reason for the shutdown was that they were no longer able to justify the amount of resources being used to keep the site live.

Fluxflashor revealed that while the site is indeed closing, the team behind it remains solid when it comes to what matters most, Hearthstone. He added that many of the old team has moved on to Out of Cards.

In a post titled Welcome to Out of Cards, Fluxflashor clarified that while the new site retains the spirit of Hearthpwn, it is in no way affiliated with Curse/Fandom. This time, they will not be limited to Hearthstone, with Fluxflashor saying that "[l]imiting ourselves hurts when content for the game dries up, and since many members of the Hearthstone community love to play other card games, branching out to hitting a potential everything seems like a good choice." Thus, the initial plan is to begin with Hearthstone before eventually bringing in Magic: The Gathering.

For this new site, Fluxflashor said it will

  • have everything HearthPwn had and then some
  • push out more content then they ever have before, and a custom platform helps with that
  • have esports coverage, proper card design competition interfaces
  • have opinion pieces that will be an actual thing on the homepage
  • have mobile friendly content and browsing

Hopefully this new venture works out, and looking at the forum on the new site, it seems that the community has rallied behind it.

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