Hearthstone Grandmasters: Last Call Starts Friday

Last call!
Last call! Blizzard

Attention Hearthstone fans! Another tournament is just around the corner with Grandmasters: Last Call. This competition is divided into four weeks and offers a prize pool of $150,000. A total of 16 players will test their skills, and the champion not only gets a large piece of the prize pool but also an invite to the 2022 World Championship.

The Schedule

Week 1 starts July 22 and ends July 24, followed by Week 2 from July 29 to July 31. Then, there's a Bye Week to allow everyone to enjoy the new Murder at Castle Nathria content coming out on August 2; a pause from August 12 to August 14 for the Masters Tour: Murder at Castle Nathria.

The competition resumes with Week 3 from August 19 to 21 and Week 4 (Playoffs) from August 26 to 31.

The Players

The 16 players participating are:

  • Advanced from Americas
    • DimitriKazov
    • Fled
    • Pascoa
    • Pun
  • Advanced from Europe
    • Bunnyhoppor
    • Furyhunter
    • SuperFake
    • xBlyzes
  • Advanced from Asia-Pacific
    • che0nsu
    • Mighty
    • okasinnsuke
    • Posesi
  • Advanced from Masters Tour
    • Habugabu
    • Judgement
    • levik
    • ZloyGruzin

Weekly Format

For Weeks 1 to 3, players are separated into four groups for dual-tournament play. Unlike in the previous GM seasons, all matches in this tournament are going to be broadcast live; the two winners of each group then play on Sundays. Players get points based on the total number of wins each week and this determines the final standings before the Playoffs. The new weekly groups are going to be posted to the official Twitter for Hearthstone Esports.

Details are:

  • Groups A and C play first on days 1 and 2 and always feature Asia-Pacific competitors.
  • Groups B and D play last on days 1 and 2 and include the Americas competitors.
  • The two winners of each group form a top 8 that will play single-elimination matches to determine the weekly winner.

The gameplay format changes every week and these are:

  • Week 1: Best of 5 Conquest
  • Week 2: Trio
  • Week 3: Last Hero Standing
  • Playoffs: Best of 7 Conquest

So who are you rooting for in this tournament?

Learn more about Grandmasters: Last Call here. Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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