Hearthstone Masters Tour: Voyage to the Sunken City Moved to April 28

A new tournament starting soon.
A new tournament starting soon. Blizzard

The Hearthstone Esports team has moved the Masters Tour: Voyage to the Sunken City to April 28 with the Grand Final on May 1. Originally, it was supposed to take place a week earlier.

However, with the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion coming out on April 12, this should give participants more time to be familiar with the new content. After all, 135 new cards are arriving along with a new minion type and new keywords.

For players unable to compete due to the change in the schedule, they’ll get an invite to one of the remaining Masters Tour for the year. This change in the schedule also means that the final weekend of Masters Tour 4 Qualifiers now takes place from April 21 to 24.

Rewards Track

Speaking of the new expansion, when it goes live, players can expect to see the Rewards Track refreshed. What’s going to happen is that all players automatically get any unclaimed rewards on both the free Rewards Track and Tavern Pass track (if purchased). There’s also a completely new Voyage to the Sunken City Rewards Track of unlockable treasure taking its place.

The free Rewards Track includes:

  • Packs from Voyage to the Sunken City
  • Standard packs
  • Tavern Tickets
  • One random Epic card
  • Two random Legendary cards
  • Murky Epic Mercenary card
  • Sunken City card back

There are also 14 Golden cards and the Ambassador Faelin Legendary minion, from the set. Those able to finish the Rewards Track can choose from one of 10 returning hero skins.

Meanwhile, those able to buy the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion immediately get items like the Diamond Sir Finley, Sea Guide Legendary minion, a 10% XP Boost that lasts for the rest of the duration of the expansion. They also get all other items up to their current level on the paid track.

As players progress with the Tavern Pass during the new expansion, they can earn items such as:

  • Additional XP Boosts
  • Uncraftable Golden Blademaster Okani Legendary minion
  • Ambassador Faelin hero skin and card back
  • Three Murky Mercenary Portraits
  • New Battlegrounds Bartender
  • Eight Battlegrounds hero skins
  • Eleven Hearthstone hero skins
  • New cosmetic coin

View the complete list of rewards here. You can also learn more about the upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City expansion here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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