'Hearthstone' Amazon Coin Deals: How To Make The Most Of Your 'Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan' Packs

jade golem
Get that Jade Golem money Blizzard

If you are like me, you’ve been spending way too much money buying Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Hearthstone packs. Just another dozen packs and I’ll pull a golden Mayor Noggenfogger , I just know it. And if you’d like to save some money when buying packs, Amazon is running a nifty little deal for Amazon Coins.

Amazon Coins are Amazon’s own in-game currency that can be used in any one of its mobile games; 100 gold is equal to one dollar. Amazon tends to randomly offer deals on its website. The last big event gave users 50 percent off of a 50 dollar purchase. Sadly, that event ended last week, but that doesn't mean it’s still not worth buying Amazon Coins for Hearthstone packs.

If you buy 5000 Amazon Coins, it only costs 44 dollars, saving you around six bucks. When you are buying a ton of packs just to pull something rare, every single discount helps. If you want to buy even more Hearthstone packs, you can splurge for 50,000, the biggest denomination of Amazon Coins, for $375 dollars (saving you $125).

Keep in mind when buying Hearthstone packs with coins you need to be using. Coins can purchase adventures and packs, but is only available for Android devices. Don’t waste your money if you play on an iPhone or PC. The app must also be downloaded through the Amazon app store – without that, you can’t access your coins.

Make sure to check the Amazon Hearthstone page whenever you are thinking of buying packs. Sometimes a deal drops with no warning.

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