Have a Nice Death October 18 Hotfix: Squashed Bugs from Natural Disasters Update

Have a Nice Death Hotfix
Have a Nice Death Hotfix Steam/Magic Design Studios

The indie rogue-like game Have a Nice Death is currently in an early access state, so players should expect several updates that bring new content and bug fixes.

Well, the developer released a hotfix recently to squash dozens of bugs reported by players after the release of the Natural Disasters Update. The NPC Muriel in the lobby is made more visible, and the curse "Take It Easy" now works with spells. The brightness of the Morticulturalist enemy is reduced, and drowned enemies in the Natural Disasters Department now spawn as intended.

The voice for Claude has been added, and the "Shop closed" signs in the Control room won’t float in the air anymore. You can read about the rest of the changes below.

  • Only the second chosen Malus is active on the Difficulty 10
  • Player can choose a Malus outside of the array when choosing the second Malus on Difficulty 10
  • The progression discount of the Sepulchral Ray (Joe’s contract) is improved by killing Waldo instead of Horace
  • The "Complete a run in under 45 minutes" contract is completed if you die in under 45 minutes
  • The Dash & Slash attack of Görske (Mini Boss) is not stopped when the boss is stunned
  • Player can take damage from projectiles of Pill enemies even after the projectile disappears.
  • The game crashes when the player dies from the Mordicine spell damage
  • The SFX of the cooldown weapon UI can be heard after starting the game and after quitting the Run Summary GPE (Pitbook in Lobby)
  • "Complete Breakdown IV" quest is completed after Breakdown 5 instead of 4
  • A plug can be seen in a WC kit room
  • Some Spells are lacking cooldowns
  • Some Spells' mana consumption in the air differs from ground consumption and descriptive consumption
  • Some Spells' description, ground and air damage values differs from each other
  • Timer inside the Challenge Room also measures the time spent in the menu
  • Laser attack VFX of the Phase 1 of Waldo stays longer than the collider of the attack
  • Patrick’s sign tour guide in the Physical Diseases Department is hard to read due to the lighting
  • Transformed Scythe is shown as a different kind in the Transform Menu
  • Frenzy attack of Focus spell gives a permanent increase of life
  • Slaymore (upgraded level 3) gives permanent max HP instead of temporary max HP when player passes a floor
  • The player is not healed when leaving the Training room trigger
  • Ulcermonner has no SFX in the Physical Diseases Department
  • The Game Over sound can be heard two times after defeating boss Catherine Imamura
  • If you restart the game during a run, the elevator music plays during the loading screen
  • The beginning of the Game Over music can be heard during the Quit loading

You can read the complete patch notes of the Have a Nice Death October 18 Update via Steam.

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