Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Looking Into Issues From Update 2.13.0

Some issues being fixed.
Some issues being fixed. Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced that they have a team looking into some issues that were accidentally added in the mobile game from Update 2.13.0. Released last week, this latest update brought with it two new features.

The first was the Repeat Sticker Collection, which was intended to redistribute the current Registry Collections of the players while also letting them place Images or Prestige whenever they can. The second feature was an update to Fragment Counts.

When the update went live, some players complained that their Fragments didn’t carry over after the page was Prestiged. What happened instead was that their Fragment counts were reset to zero. To address this particular issue, a fixed was recently released that should hopefully prevent such an issue.

In addition to the issue already mentioned, the team over at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is also looking into these issues:

  • Repeat Image appearing on Brilliant Foundables gained from task completion on Event Registry pages.
    • This should only appear on Brilliant Foundables found from Traces, Portkeys, and Fortresses.
  • Repeat Image feature appearing on Mysteries pages.
  • Knight Bus button is missing or unresponsive.
  • Delay when entering a Chamber Lobby in Wizarding Challenges.

Update 2.13.0

In addition to the Repeat Image Collection and update to the Foundable Fragment, this new update also increased the amount of Severe and Emergency Traces on the Map. The Photo Mode was also brought back with the update. This meant players can now make use of Ministry ID Portrait Filters, Frames, and Stickers in order to customize photos of Foundables in Encounter Photo Mode and Registry Photo Mode.

While the Dev team is looking into known issues, Update 2.13.0 brought with it bug fixes. These included:

  • Potions
    • Fixed an issue where new Potion recipes were not being badged (red dot) when players unlock recipes as they level up.
  • Wizarding Challenges
    • Fixed an issue with players being forced out of a Challenge after a teammate has been knocked out.
  • General
    • Android Only: Fixed an issue with AR+ mode no being available on certain Android devices.
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