Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Bringing The Knight Bus To You

Take her away, Ern.
Look who's coming to town?
Look who's coming to town? Niantic

Looks like another magical icon is set to arrive in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with the Knight Bus. Remember that one? Anyway, it’s arrival is sure to be good news to wizards around the world having issues with staying at home.

With the Knight Bus, it’s going to be easy to get back to completing those Wizarding Challenges. In the book and the movies, to summon the Knight Bus wizards need to extend their wand hand and then wait at the curb for its arrival. In Wizards Unite, all that needs to be done is to go to the Map view and then tap on the Knight Bus button. Once that’s done wizards are then taken to a Fortress at Hogwarts Castle where they can use Runestunes and take on different enemies, just like how it’s done in a standard fortress.

With this new feature, the team at Niantic hopes that players can continue playing one of their favorite features of Wizards Unite without the need to leave their homes. Niantic also assured everyone that once the Knight Bus arrives, it’s going to stay, likely for good.

Once the Knight Bus officially arrives, it’s going to be available to players that are at least level 7.

Update 2.12.0

Last week Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released an update that made interesting changes to Portkeys. For one, the Spell Energy and Wizarding XP rewards for the 5 km and 10 km Portkey have been increased. In addition, until further notice, the distance requirement for Portkeys has been decreased.

Other general changes include:

  • Players using iOS devices can now sign into the game using their Apple ID.
  • Logging into the game now displays the player’s login provider, Code name, and email address.
  • The layout of the Settings menu have been improved to better display the email address that are linked to the game.
  • The design of the initial startup screen has been improved.
    • Players can now see a clock at the bottom left corner of their screen which shows loading progress.
  • Push notifications on Portkeys and Gifts received can now be disabled.
  • Landmarks are disabled on the Map until further notice.

Bug fixes for the update focused on three aspects:

  • Potions
    • Fixed an issue where players weren’t able to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing especially when their device moves from Wifi to mobile data.
  • Wizarding Challenges
    • Fixed an issue with the text in the Chambers reward popup: “Earn one-time rewards for your first victory in each chamber.”
      • Players now get one-time rewards once they are able to unlock the next highest Chamber.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue causing an “Unable to Load Link” pop up appear after launching the game.
      • This is applicable to Samsung Devices only.
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