Harry Potter: Wizards Unite April Events Are All About The Weasleys

Take time to help the Weasleys. Niantic

Looks like the Weasleys have their hands full as the Calamity appears to be focusing on their quaint and cozy home. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is putting its sights on the Burrow. That’s right, it’s all about the Weasleys this April.

The first of these events is the Burrow Besieged Brilliant Event Part I, which has already started as of yesterday, April 7. Don’t worry as there’s still time to catch up since this one is good until April 14. For this event, wizards need to help bring back the Brilliant Weasley Foundables. These include Ron Weasley along with Decoy Detonators created by none other than Fred and George.

This Brilliant Event is going to offer unique Registry Pages along with new Brilliant Foundables. There are also going to be Special Assignments as well, which let everyone uncover rewards like the Restricted Section Books along with exclusive items for each wizard’s Ministry ID Portrait. Completing all Special Assignments lets wizards access Bonus Assignments which in turn hand out additional rewards.

The Burrow Besieged Brilliant Event Part II event starts on April 21 and ends on April 28. Here the Brilliant Weasley Foundables now include Ginny Weasley and the Flying Weasley Car.

There’s also going to be a Community Day on April 18. Don’t worry about going out, though, as this one has a twist. Specifically, it’s the first Play at Home Edition. In addition, this event has been guaranteed to last for 24 hours, which should be enough time for everyone to take part and complete the objectives. Magizoology skills are being tested here as wizards have to help return not only Murtlap but also other Magizoology Foundables.

The month then ends with the Nature and Nifflers Event. It’s a two-day event which begins on April 28 and ends on April 29.

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