Gunfire Reborn November 26 Patch Adjusts Difficulty and Combat Progression in Spiritual Assault

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Gunfire Reborn received a major update a few days ago that added a good amount of content to the game. The newly added Spiritual Assault mode was introduced, and has already received some tweaks from a small patch containing crucial balancing changes for this mode.

In Spiritual Assault mode, every monster is removed for the next half a minute when Craftsman and Peddler are spawned; their spawn time is tweaked as well. The enemy HP increase depending on the number of players in a match is nerfed. The HP of Pyro and Exploding Lantern Spirit is reduced too.

Combat Progression in [Spiritual Assault]
  • Adjusted the spawn time of Craftsman and Peddler.
  • When Craftsman and Peddler are spawned, all monsters will be removed and will not spawn for the next 30 seconds.
Difficulty Adjustment in [Spiritual Assault]
  • Reduced the enemy HP increase based on number of players in multiplayer.
  • Reduced the frequency of life-steal attack of [Elite Monk] and the life-steal efficiency in multi-play
  • Breaking the chaser orb of [Elite Monk] will drop a few ammo supplies and Secondary Skill uses.
  • Reduced the HP of [Pyro Lantern Spirit] and [Exploding Lantern Spirit].
Interaction Optimization in Multiplayer
  • In [Mid Fjord], players are now immune to All DMG and negative effects, and deals no DMG to enemies while selecting level up reward with reward selection panel (C).
Revive Optimization
  • New Spiritual Jade
    • Combat Medic [1*3]: -60% Revive Time when reviving teammates, and +30% time until death when knocked down.
    • Total Reborn [1*1]: Essence Revive or Peddler Revive removes all stacks of [Down Penalty].
  • Spirit Jade Effect Adjustments
    • RevitalizationShape: [1*2] > [1*1] Old: Remove 1 stack of [Down Penalty] every time you revive a teammate. New: Remove 1 stack of [Down Penalty] every time you revive a teammate. Remove 2 stacks of [Down Penalty] every time you revive a teammate at the Peddler.
    • BenevolenceShape: [2*3] > [1*5] Old: You won't be knocked while reviving a teammate in multiplayer, during which your HP will at least have 1. New: Immune to all DMG while reviving teammates.
  • General Adjustments
    • The minimal time until death when knocked down is now 6 seconds in Spiritual Assault.
    • In Spiritual Assault, the revive limit at the Peddler is removed. But the cost will increase as the revive times increases.

You can read more about Gunfire Reborn November 26 Patch on Steam.

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