Gunfire Reborn: Players Have Two New Weapons to Play with in Latest Update

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The latest update for Gunfire Reborn is pretty exciting, to say the least. Apart from the new game mode, players have two new weapons to play with in the most recent patch.

Those who love shotguns in Gunfire Reborn might be happy to get their hands on the new Wheel Saw. It has a unique effect that enhances the next weapon skill if all of the projectiles in a single shot hit the enemy. The Wheel Saw will deal even more damage if its exclusive Inscription is unlocked because its Enhanced Weapon Skill will break the shield/armor of normal enemies upon hit.

Players who cannot aim well should try the new Radioactive Gauntlet. This weapon fires a corrosive laser that automatically locks onto nearby targets. When timed correctly, the Radioactive Gauntlet fires an enhanced laser that refracts to three enemies within six meters.

Additionally, Gunfire Reborn has a Black Friday deal where the game is available for 30% less, which ends on November 30.

Patch Notes

  • [Wild Hunt] RoF: 650 > 450 (between 2 continuous shots).
  • Added Spiritual Blessing Gallery in Logbook.
  • Added Stuck Free function at pause menu in Spiritual Assault.
  • Moved Arsenal into Logbook.
  • Adjusted skill data display in Hero selection menu and backpack menu. Now it displays Base DMG without Talent bonus.
  • Optimized damage display. Add a decreased damage icon when you hit damage decreasing area of the enemy.
  • Fixed an issue that when you fire with [Rainbow] mark, the trajectory does not display properly in teammate’s view.
  • Fixed an issue that when [Cloud Weaver] recalls automatically, it interrupts revive.
  • Fixed an issue that the view is locked when using weapon skill of [Talisman].
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the model of [Talisman] is improper.
  • Fixed an issue that the penetration of [Dragonchaser] does not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue that some charging weapons’ crosshair animation does not work properly.
  • Fixed the possible error of the model of [Elite Kappa].
  • Fixed an issue that [Elite Nihilation Monk] and [Nihilation Monk] keep life-stealing when a player is downed.
  • Fixed an issue that [Enhanced Gold Medal] does not work properly when casting Secondary Skill.
  • Fixed an issue that [Fire Enthusiast] can be triggered by [Blazing Hoop] and its enhanced version, when they break the jar.
  • Fixed an issue that Cursed Scrolls from [3rd Time Unlucky] can be discarded.
  • Fixed an issue that [Qing Yan’s] Spiritual Blessing – [Oppressor] can infinitely stack HP.
  • Fixed multiple stuck grounds.
  • Fixed several places where the monster does not spawn properly.
  • Fixed the data error of Compare panel at the Peddler.
  • Fixed an issue that the effect of low HP warning does not disappear properly.

So, which of the two new weapons appeals to you the most and why?

Gunfire Reborn November 24 Update is available on PC.

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