Gunfire Reborn: Prepare for the Incoming Assault in Latest Update

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A new update for Gunfire Reborn is now available on Steam. This patch adds a new game mode that will test players if they have what it takes to survive until the very end.

New Game Mode

Spiritual Assault is a new game mode in Gunfire Reborn where players must fight against endless waves of enemies until they come face-to-face with the final boss. This is unlocked when players reach Level 60.

This game mode is set in a new map called Mid Fjord where the terrifying boss named Gluttony resides. There are certain mechanics unique to Spiritual Assault that players must know.

General talents like Health Enhancement and Assaulter cannot be used here, except for heroes’ exclusive talents. Instead, players can get buffs from things called Spiritual Jades. These can be placed inside a receptacle known as the Spirit Concentrator for them to take effect.

It is important to note that players will be facing a constant barrage of enemies here. Every 10 minutes, a Massive Elite Monster challenge will commence, where they have a chance of obtaining a Spiritual Goblet. What this does is it bestows a powerful Spiritual Ascension that works similarly to the normal Ascension, albeit its effect only applies in this game mode.

Spiritual Ascension is split into general and exclusive categories. The former are buffs that can be enjoyed by all characters in Gunfire Reborn, while the latter can only be used by select heroes.

If players have managed to survive for 30 minutes, a portal will open that leads them to the Chaos Realm. Here, they will face Gluttony - a huge boss that looks like an evil Buddha. Players need to be wary of his moves as he’s capable of shooting projectiles when they’re too far away, or performing powerful melee attacks when you’re close.

Players will get Soul Essences based on how long they were able to survive in Spiritual Assault. For those who don’t know, Soul Essences are a type of currency in Gunfire Reborn that can be used to upgrade talents, as well as the Spirit Concentrator.

Spiritual Jade Effects
  • Stronger Arrow [General]: +3% Weapon DMG every time you level up.
  • Ammo Backpack [General]: Normal Ammo Capacity +180, Large Ammo Capacity +60, Special Ammo Capacity +15
  • Overloaded Dynamite [General]: When using Launchers, +3m Explosion AoE.
  • Handful Grip [General]: When using Pistols, -40% Reload Time.
  • Penetrating Point [General]: When using Snipers, +3 Piercing.
Spiritual Ascensions
  • Lightning Oppression [General]: Increase the Shock Effect by 100%, and +100% DMG to enemies in Shock Effect.
  • Glass Canon [General]: +200% Total Weapon and Skill DMG, -50% Max HP.
  • Grenade Shockwave [Ao Bai]:When hitting an enemy with a Launcher, there is a 60% chance to deal DMG multiple times. The DMG and times are equivalent to Explosive Grenade and its remaining uses.
  • Energy Shield [Crown Prince]: Shield Recovery Speed increased by 500%.

The full list of effects can be found here.

Gunfire Reborn November 24 Update is available on PC.

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