Gundam Evolution Celebrates Six-Month Anniversary with Gundam Dynames Mobile Suit

Enjoy the new season.
Enjoy the new season. Bandai Namco

It’s the six-month anniversary of Gundam Evolution and to celebrate, Bandai Namco officially launched Season 4 aka “Ballista,” which offers new content along with gameplay updates.

The highlight of this new season is the Gundam Dynames mobile suit, an agile sniper unit equipped with different short and long-range attack options. This makes it a highly adaptable unit in the heat of combat.

Season 4 also adds the new Headquarters Mode where teams fight a Target Area as well as a Core near the deployment area of each team. Teams earn points by attacking the core or defending it. The first team to earn five points is declared the winner of the match.

Of course, the launch of the new season won’t be complete without in-game events:

  • "Half Anniversary" New Player Support Campaign
    • Campaign Period: April 12 to May 24
    • Overview: During the period, when a new player reaches a certain Player Level, they receive enough Capital Points to unlock one unit.
    • Campaign Eligibility:
      • The player must log in for the first time during the campaign period.
      • The player must reach Player Level 6 during the campaign period.
    • Reward: 1,980CP
  • Welcome Back Campaign for Returning Players
    • Campaign Period: April 12 to June 28
    • Overview: Players who fulfill the conditions during the campaign period receive enough Capital Points to unlock one unit.
    • Campaign Eligibility:
      • Played at least one game during Season 1 or Season 2.
      • Didn't log in to the game during Season 3.
    • Reward: 1,980CP
  • Half Anniversary Login Bonus
    • Event Period: April 12 to May 24
    • Overview: During this period, players can log into the game to receive different various rewards.
    • Acquisition Conditions and Rewards:
      • Day 1: Player Icon "Half Anniversary 2023"
      • Day 2: 1 Supply Pod ticket
      • Day 3: 150CP
      • Day 4: 1 Supply Pod ticket
      • Day 5: "White Lines" Unit Skin (Gundam Dynames)
      • Day 6: 1 Supply Pod ticket
      • Day 7: 150CP
      • Day 8: 1 Supply Pod ticket
      • Day 9: 150CP
      • Day 10: "White Lines" Weapon Skin (Gundam Dynames)

New Regions

It’s also been revealed that the game has expanded to new regions, now playable on PC and consoles in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. But for Australia and New Zealand, it’s only available on PC. Players in these regions can also play the latest content introduced in Season 4.

Gundam Evolution is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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