Gundam Evolution: Season 3 is Here and Introduces the Hyperion Gundam

Get ready for a new Gundam.
Get ready for a new Gundam. Bandai Namco

It's time for a new era of battle as season three of Gundam Evolution is finally here. Titled "DEFENCER," it's going to run until April 5 featuring a lot of new things.

One of the highlights for this season is the introduction of the Hyperion Gundam as a playable unit. This is a unit which does well in maintaining the front line as well as controlling area through its shield and barrier. It's also not afraid to break through its opponents with the Armure Lumiere Lancer. Here are some of the details for this new Gundam:

  • Range: Mid-Range
  • HP: 900
  • Dash Limit: 1
  • Shield: 700
  • Main Weapon: Beam Submachine Gun
    • Main Action: A beam weapon effective up to mid-range.
    • Sub Action: Raise a shield for cover.
  • G Maneuver: Armure Lumiere Lancer
    • Charges forward for a set time and pins all enemies hit.
    • Pinned enemies continue to take damage and are stunned.
  • Active Skill 1: Armure Lumiere
    • Deploys a one-way barrier around the unit for a set time and blocks certain attacks.
  • Active Skill 2: Forfanterie
    • Fire a beam that pierces enemy units.

Here are the other new content in season three:

  • Starting with the Hyperion Gundam, three new mobile suits are added at monthly intervals.
  • An official merging of the North America and Europe matchmaking areas.
  • Supply pods are renewed and accompanied by a new unit pack for Hyperion Gundam.
  • Various campaigns and in-game events including:
    • A material point campaign where users can earn as many as 600 MP by logging in weekly.
      • Duration: February 1 to March 1
    • A Hyperion Gundam login campaign where players can earn up to seven Supply Pod Tickets by logging in daily.
      • February 1 to February 8.

Rule Adjustments

The arrival of season three also means a new update filled with tweaks. While there are many balancing changes implemented, we'll focus on rule adjustments.

One change is that teams which meet certain conditions lose the right to go on offense in overtime. The team which loses the right to go on offense loses the game when 25% of the objective in the first area has been captured. The conditions are:

  • When the team was the only team to go into Extra Time on the second objective.
  • When the time remaining for the opposing team on the second objective was over 1:30.

Gundam Evolution is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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