Gundam Evolution: Season 2 Starts November 29

Ready to try out a new mobile suit?
Ready to try out a new mobile suit? Bandai Namco

It hasn’t been long since Gundam Evolution was launched on PC and already getting new content later this month. Season 2 officially starts November 29, running for two months.

The new season is set to introduce a wide range of new updates and features that include:

  • Improvements to the matchmaking system.
  • Various adjustments to Ranked matches.
  • Brand new customized items.
  • Updates to supply pods.
  • The addition of Achievements.
  • Spectator Mode.

There will also be new event modes and campaigns arriving during the second half of Season 2, which is sometime late December. Expect to see a revamp of the in-game store as well.

You can watch the Mission Briefing for Season 2 through the video below:

Meet the Nu Gundam

For those not able to watch the video, we'll give you some highlights. The first is that the main theme of Season 2 is Mobius, and it introduces a new unit known as Nu Gundam. This is the mobile suit that Amuro Ray uses as the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack; its main weapon is a mid-ranged beam rifle.

The suit's Active Skill 1 is called Fin Funnel. When a player has a target, they can activate this skill and send two Fin Funnels to shoot the target four times each. However, if a player can hit the target with any other attack twice, it shows a marker on the screen. In this state, when the Fin Funnel is activated, it sends out four Fin Funnels each shooting four shots each. Plus, when a player hits the target four times before the skill is activated, it's going to send out six Fin Funnels that shoot four shots each.

Active Skill 2 is the New Hyper Bazooka. When activating the skill, players need to press a direction so the mobile suit can move in that same direction while shooting. This skill is good when getting that needed space against enemies.

Finally, the G-Maneuver is called the Fin Funnel Barrier. When activated, it creates a barrier in all directions that blocks ranged attacks. However, if the enemy gets inside the barrier, Nu Gundam will take damage.

Gundam Evolution was released on PC through Steam in September 2022. It’s scheduled for release in the US on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, November 30. Learn more about the game here.

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