GTA Online Weekly Update: Open Wheel Racing Has Arrived In San Andreas

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Hit the streets.
Hit the streets. Rockstar Games

This week, GTA Online takes a step back from all the action and goes back to the streets. The future of competitive motorsports has arrived in San Andreas with Open Wheel Races. These are seven new high-speed tracks where players need to make split-second decisions from the type of tires to use all the way to when to take that important pit stop. Just remember that there's one seat, one driver, and more importantly, one grand prize.

To see what's coming this week, let's start with the two new cars. There's the Progen PR4, which is performance reimagined. The second is the Ocelot R88, which has been optimized for performance.

In addition to the new cars, there are also new upgrades and customizations that include new open wheel liveries, and new engine mods. Players should also be happy with the new Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS. This is a rechargeable speed boost that can be used in Open Wheel Races to help you get closer to the finish line.

That said, let's take a look at the seven new tracks offered in the San Andreas Prix:

  • Height of Society
    • True open wheelers don't need a purpose-built track, and thrive on historic street circuits. Even with all the narrow straights and winding hairpins, don't forget to enjoy the sun-drenched glamour. Watch out for Vinewood Hills, as your eyes may be exposed to those chubby insurance brokers doing yoga on their roof terraces.
  • In Due Course
    • Europe may have started underage drinking and open-wheel racing but it was America that showed everyone that it can be done at the same time. With help from City Hall, Los Santos now has a city circuit that has been custom-built in order to show the vision that made this great nation what it is.
  • Lap it Up
    • The Port of Los Santos has recently experienced a number of preventable drowning, but the rebranding done by the Port Authority has managed to turn things around. Players are sure to love the excitement offered by open wheel racing along with the fact that there are no safety barriers.
  • Brace for Impact
    • The Los Santos International Airport has managed to clear its runway. Don't enjoy it too much, since there's no emergency team to help you when your cockpit catches fire. Fasten your seatbelt as some turbulence may be coming your way.
  • More Haste More Speed
    • The Fort Zancudo racetrack may be conventional, but there are enough S-bends for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to make use of your kinetic energy recovery system and feel the speed.
  • Urban Renewal
    • There are those who say that an open wheel series could never be possible in Davis. However, having a cutting-edge pit stop could be the public investment that this poverty-ridden city needs. The track may have potholes and concrete blocks but these are natural obstacles that separate the real pros from the weekend racers.
  • New Wave
    • What could be better than having those waves lap at your chassis or feeling the gentle breezes in the air intake? It's sure to take you to your happy place.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and hit the streets.

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