GTA 5 Mods: ‘Red Dead Redemption’ PC ‘Port’ Shot Down By Rockstar

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Give me a home, where the buffalo roam
Give me a home, where the buffalo roam Rockstar

You knew deep down Rockstar would never let this happen. After three years of work, the game developers behind Grand Theft Auto V stopped modders .White Team from releasing their Xbox 360 “port” of Red Dead Redemption to GTA V for the PC.

Mr. Leisurewear, one of the defeated modders of the .White Team, shared the following messages regarding their failed project in the GTA Forums :

“I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but as you may have noticed we did get contacted and we sadly have to say we are stopping this project. So thanks guys, we were all so happy to see this, but it isn’t going to happen, sorry.”

Mr. Leisurewear later added for clarification that the team never intended their Red Dead Redemption PC mod for GTA V to be a full port of the game. The team just wanted to add Red Dead Redemption ’s map to GTA V , not the game’s story mode.

You have to feel for these guys. It took the .White Team of modders three years to make fanboys’ dreams come true. Now it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to release the Red Dead Redemption PC mod to GTA V without facing legal actions from Rockstar.

That said, why .White Team thought they’d be able to port an entire map form one game to another with Rockstar noticing seems a bit silly. Not sure what copyright legalities you flirt with when you import code from one platform to another, but it’s probably not worth the risk.

Still, we can’t blame the team for trying. Well, at least Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out this fall for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though an exact release date hasn’t been confirmed.

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