Grounded Update 0.9.0 Adds New Buildings, Creative with Bugs Mode, and Photo Mode MP Support

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Grounded, the survival game by Obsidian Entertainment, received a major update recently. The game is currently in Early Access so you should expect major changes regularly. Update 0.9.0 brings a lot of content to the game that includes new buildings, new mode, photo mode multiplayer support, new combat music, and much more.

The game now has ladders. You can unlock them via the Hedge BURG.L Chip. Several curved walls, floors, and railings are added as well and they can be unlocked via the Ping BURG.L Chip. A new mode titled Creative with Bugs is introduced to the game. Here, players will have access to all the buildings and crafting perks of Creative mode but with a twist. Bugs will spawn in the yard, however, they won’t attack you.

More information about the new content is mentioned below.


  • Curved Walls, Floors, and Railings
    • 3 Curved Grass Walls
    • 2 Curved Grass Floors
    • 3 Curved Stem Walls
    • 2 Curved Stem Floors
    • 2 Curved Railings
    • Unlocked via the Pond BURG.L Chip


  • Photo Mode Multiplayer Support:
    • All players enter and exit photo mode at the same time; the game pauses.
    • Each player controls their character's pose and visibility.
    • Each player controls their own camera location and settings.
  • Four new poses: Modish Max, Wallowing Willow, Heroic Hoops, and Perilous Pete.


  • Recipes are now sorted by subcategories in the Construction radial and in the Crafting menu. Within subcategories, recipes are sorted by their tier.
  • Added a take-all option for processing buildings like the Spinning Wheel.


  • New combat music when fighting weaker bugs (Mites, Spiderlings, and Water Fleas).


  • Save games are significantly smaller on disk.
  • Playthroughs in the Save Game UI are grouped and collapsed together making for easier navigation of playthroughs with lots of saves across multiple playthroughs.

Update 0.9.0 included multiple changes to existing content as well. Several dozen bugs were squashed, which you can read at the official site.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you played Grounded before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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