Grounded: Super Duper Update 1.2 Introduces a Nifty Machine That Lets Players Duplicate High-Tier Items

Super Duper Update
Super Duper Update Steam

The next major content patch for Grounded has finally arrived! Update 1.2, aka the Super Duper update, introduces tons of new content and features, including a new machine that lets players duplicate high-tier items!

Introducing the Super Duper!

Super Duper Machine
Super Duper Machine Steam

In Grounded Update 1.2, players can find a new piece of equipment called the Super Duper in the Oak Lab. This nifty machine uses Raw Science to duplicate higher-tier equipment and items. However, before they can operate this thing, they must find Duper Discs scattered all over the yard.

Slotting the first Duper Disc into the Super Duper allows players to operate the machine. The subsequent discs grant them the ability to duplicate stuff, such as trinkets, upgrade stones, and even unique items!

Stay Warm and Cozy

This patch also implements the new Base Coziness system. Bases in Grounded are no longer just for protection against giant insects. They are now providing rest and relaxation!

Furniture and decorations can be placed inside bases to improve their coziness level. Furthermore, players can unlock some cool stuff based on the level of coziness reached, including new decorative building recipes, mutations for base building, as well as new emotes!

Base Coziness System
Base Coziness System Steam

Patch Notes

  • Chillax at your Base
    • Being in a cozy location will also give you status effects that decrease your hunger and thirst drain and slowly heal you.
    • Multiple buildings of the same type don't give you the same level of coziness. For example, one bed will provide lots of coziness, but a second bed of the same type will only give you a little more coziness.
    • There are five levels of coziness. Your current coziness level will show on your HUD if it is at least 1.
    • Note: Some existing decorative buildings are now unlocked via the coziness system instead of by analyzing a material (such as the Grandfather Clock).
  • Loot Luck
    • Increase the chance of obtaining rare drops and receive more loot in general! Loot luck comes in 2 forms:
    • Generic Loot Luck
      • Increases drop rate for all items on all creatures.
    • Targeted Loot Luck
      • Greatly increases the drop rate for all items from a specific creature type (for example, "Loot Luck: Black Widow" will increase the drop rate specifically for black widows).
    • Note: This new luck status effect can be found in various places, most easily by utilizing the new "Rub For Luck" feature on all the stuffed creature buildings!

Grounded Update 1.2 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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