Grounded: Pet and Combat Changes Implemented in Home Stretch Update

Home Stretch Update
Home Stretch Update Obsidian Entertainment

The massive Home Stretch Update for Grounded is now available on all platforms. This patch brought new features, including interesting pet and combat changes.

One of the most notable changes in this patch is that pets in Grounded will no longer leave players when they are unhappy. Pet Happiness can still affect other things, but from this point on, unhappiness will never cause pets to leave anymore.

Another thing that players might notice is the new Pet button on the inventory screen. This is a quality-of-life feature because clicking this opens the pet inventory right from the player’s inventory window.

For combat changes, bows now do bonus damage when fully charging a shot. This is likely to encourage players to stop, charge, and aim before firing for maximum damage.

Fans of the two-handed sword Spicy Coaltana will be happy to know that throwing it to Burr Traps will now trigger them, dealing massive damage to enemies within the traps’ range. Speaking of the Spicy Coaltana, players can see some upgraded visuals when swinging this weapon.

The Home Stretch Update brought plenty of amazing changes, some of which can be found below:

  • The password being typed while joining a multiplayer game is now hidden.
  • BURG.L quests can be acquired by double-clicking them.
  • A button to view the Survival Guide has been added to the Death screen.
  • Dead players will no longer bounce indefinitely on vertical bounce webs until they respawn.
  • You can now exit Turrets using the Interact button (E on Keyboard default, X on Controller default)
  • Save game sizes have been reduced.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Fixed small memory leaks.
  • The Resource Surveyor switch has been moved from the end of the Hedge Lab to the small radar lab at the early portion of the Hedge.
  • House patio wood panels have been cleaned up and holes have been patched.
  • Cookie Sandwiches now follow the new "big food" structure introduced on hotdogs and apples in 0.13.
  • Thistles should be easier to pick and require less cursor precision.
  • Lab chest loot added to the Hedge, Haze, and Pond labs.
  • Hostile bugs tether more appropriately, including those pesky mosquitos.
  • Scarab HP has been halved.
  • Scarab peripheral vision cone has been reduced (it's easier to sneak up on them).
  • Added new BURG.L quests for killing the following bugs: Black Ants, Antlions, Black Ox Beetles, Ladybirds, Dust Mites, Rolypolys, Termites, Tadpoles, Water Boatmen, Water Fleas, and Diving Bell Spiders.
  • Ladybird Larva now drops up to 5 spikes each.
  • Weevils will hoard less around dropped mushrooms.

Grounded Home Stretch Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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