GRAVEN: New Weapons Added in Second Content Update

Second Content Update
Second Content Update Steam

GRAVEN is a first-person action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. You will play as a wrongly convicted man of faith who is exiled unto death for a crime in defense of another. Solve the different puzzles in the game to uncover the motives of the foul heretical sects behind the plagues and other bad things that have undermined the land.

The second content update for GRAVEN is now available on Steam. This patch introduces a ton of new things, including two new weapons to help you fight the enemy.

One of the new weapons is the Ballista - a heavy crossbow that can kill large targets even at great distances. The other weapon is called the Writ of Subjugation, an illicit scroll of primitive magic that can decimate creatures with ease.

Aside from the new weapons, new options have also been added. For instance, you can now adjust the intensity of the camera screen shake.

Here are the other things implemented in this patch:

Side Quests
  • Cull the Horde
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Personal Library
  • Blacksmith's Armor Notes
New Region
  • The Damned Estuary (Boss arena)
New Boss
  • The Festering Congregation
New Behaviors
  • Nearby enemies after killing a player will receive a healing buff
  • Archivist will respawn until killed
  • Skeletons will taunt the player
  • Skeletons have destructible armor
  • Skeletons have damage modifiers based on heat/cold damage
  • Skeleton archers have a change to shoot ethereal bolt
  • Dihedral Priest become dizzy if receiving hard hit to the head
  • Dihedral Deacons throw spear on death
  • Dihedral Clerics throw potion on death
  • Critters can be killed
  • All weapons have visual upgrade changes
  • All weapons have underwater behavior changes
  • All weapons have sprinting behavior changes
New Options
  • Add difficulties Easy, Normal, Hard
  • Add the option to skip the intro sequence
  • Add purchasable ammo from blacksmith
  • Add hotbar saving
Heads-up Display (HUD)
  • Additional low health indications
  • Additional damage indications
  • Quest complete notification
Save System
  • FIXED: Library main doors’ wood blocks not saving
  • FIXED: Gates with infected that go from Town to the Cruxfirth Archives not properly saving
  • FIXED: Infinite loop if you named profile "Default"
  • FIXED: Auto-award of quest behavior on loading saved game
  • FIXED: OverTime damage not properly applying at low framerates
  • FIXED: Various lore items having wrong texture backgrounds
  • FIXED: Boat going into reverse after 10 minutes of completing intro

GRAVEN Second Content Update is available on PC.

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