Gorgc Believes Dendi Can Be a "Beast" Support Player in Dota 2

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Popular livestreamer Gorgc thinks that Dendi can be a very dominant support player.
Popular livestreamer Gorgc thinks that Dendi can be a very dominant support player. Twitter/@DendiBoss

It is safe to assume that Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is the most loved player in the community. Having played in the very first The International event, his signature Pudge hooks cemented his legacy in the Dota 2 pantheon. While Dendi is known for playing the solo mid position, Team Bald Reborn’s captain Janne “Gorgc” Stenovski believes he can excel, too, as a support player.

In a livestream, Gorgc said that he has always wondered why Dendi has never tried playing position five. He thinks Dendi would be an amazing support. In fact, the popular livestreamer claimed that he has seen Dendi play the role a few times and that “he is a beast.”

While Gorgc is confused why Dendi never tried transitioning to a support role in Dota 2, he noted that there have been a few mid laners – and even some carries – who were successful in transitioning to the said role. It is true though that over the years, many carry and mid players found themselves playing the support position. While it does not take away anything from Dendi’s capabilities as a mid-player, it is indeed interesting to see how he would fare in the position role. After all, he loves to play heroes often picked for positions four and five.

Gorgc added that when he played ranked Dota 2 games with Dendi, the latter could easily adapt to the support role. While it would take years for some to be really good at playing the support position, it seems natural to Dendi. That is absolutely why Gorgc thinks that Dendi could easily dominate the position if he decides to don it in the competitive scene.

Nowadays, Dendi is spending most of his time livestreaming on Twitch especially after B8 Esports disbanded in June 2022. During the off-season, the former Navi player announced that his team would relocate to the North American region for the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. The move was made after the organization acquired Wildcard Gaming’s spot in the division.

Dendi and B8 Esports are currently in Mexico for the team's bootcamp as they prepare for the upcoming first tour of the NA DPC 2023 Division I.

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