Godfall Update 2.0.93 Fixes Crash Issues, More QoL Features Coming In Future

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Counterplay Games' looter-slasher next-gen experience Godfall has received a lukewarm reception from both fans and critics. Godfall is only available on PlayStation 5 and PC for now. While it is confirmed that Godfall is a timed-exclusive for PS5, the port for other platforms has not been announced yet.

The PS5 and PC version has been mostly stable. However, it can always be improved. Counterplay released an important patch yesterday that solves some annoying bugs and also made some quality of life changes. Several crash issues have been fixed and players won’t get stuck near chests anymore. Weapon Art Skill will no longer affect drain ability, and enemies won’t be unresponsive after the player respawns.

Counterplay also mentioned that they are already hard at work developing future updates and patches. These updates will add more QoL features like a FOV Slider, Batch Salvage, and more.

You can check your current game version on the bottom left of the Main Menu or via the Network Tab. Complete patch notes of the update are mentioned below and on the official site.

Godfall Update 2.0.93 Patch Notes


PlayStation 5: LIVE


General – All Platforms

  • Solved a reported crash when players received announcements while respawning
  • Addressed areas around chests that were causing some players to get stuck
  • Adjusted drain ability to be used without the weapon art skill
  • Solved an issue that was preventing player respawns in multiplayer
  • Solved for enemies becoming unresponsive after a player respawned
  • The respawn counter no longer resets after each trial in Tower of Trials
  • Fixed “ON” and “OFF” options in the settings menu that were displaying incorrectly in some languages

PC Only

  • Solved a reported crash from occurring when launching with certain languages
  • (2.0.93) Resolved an issue on PC where some players were seeing a black screen when loading into a multiplayer match.

PlayStation 5 Only

  • Solved an issue that would revert the localized text to English when settings were modified

So what do you think? Are you interested in Godfall? Have you been playing the game on your PlayStation 5 yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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