Godfall: Certain Valorplate Shard Requirements Reduced in Update 5.1.23

Update 5.1.23
Update 5.1.23 Twitter/@PlayGodfall

Players who are having a hard time completing the objectives for some Valorplate Shards will love the latest patch for Godfall. That’s because Update 5.1.23 brings some adjustments to certain Valorplate Shard requirements.

For one, the number of midbosses that players needed to defeat for Power of the Void (Moebius), Lionheart Technique (Silvermane), and Wildfire Strike (Phoenix) has been reduced. Those who already have exceeded the new requirement following the update will just have to defeat one more midboss for the objective to be deemed as completed.

On top of that, the number of shards needed to fully upgrade a Valorplate in Godfall is cut down big time. This means that exalting a Valorplate now only requires 12 Valorplate Shards unlocked instead of 48.

Update 5.1.23 offers plenty of exciting new changes and here are the highlights:

Valorplate Shards
  • Valorplate Shard objectives that required a specific Spirit Realm can now be completed in any Spirit Realm
  • Valorplate Shard objectives that require completing Dreamstones no longer require any quantity of active Banes for successful completion
Spirit Realms
  • Players can now carry a maximum of 6 souls of the same color at once (up from 5), enabling players to fully charge two soul altars in one trip
  • Basic enemy camps and patrols have been made more difficult and will now respawn more quickly
  • Increased the drop rate of normal souls from basic enemy camps and patrols
  • Increased the frequency of midboss invasions; midbosses will now invade the realm sooner and can invade more than once per Spirit Realm loop
  • Invading mid-bosses will now drop a large number of normal souls
General Changes
  • Dual Primary Augments are more likely to drop with better primary trait combinations such as epic+rare, epic+epic, legendary+epic, or legendary+legendary
  • The Difficulty option has been removed from the Spirit Realm tab
Bug Fixes
  • Valorplate-related Items
    • Solved an issue where Moebius’ Power of the Void Shard would apply regardless of the (lack of) damage dealt to an enemy
    • Solved an issue where Phoenix’s Breath of Fire Shard would miss targets the player character was in contact with
  • Enemy and Game Mode-related Items
    • Solved an issue where Banes from an incomplete event would persist into the next loop if an End Boss is defeated in the Spirit Realms game mode
    • Solved an issue where EToT would not unlock after completing AToT via matchmaking
    • Solved an issue where Invasion Events in the Spirit Realm could take longer to occur than intended

Godfall Update 5.1.23 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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