God of War Ragnarök Release Date Revealed via “Father and Son” Cinematic Trailer

God of War Ragnarök
God of War Ragnarök Sony

After waiting for more than a year, God of War fans finally know when the next game in the franchise is coming. Just right now, PlayStation revealed the release date of the highly anticipated sequel God of War Ragnarök, which is on November 9, 2022.

The announcement came out of nowhere. Everyone was expecting a State of Play or some kind of event, but that didn’t happen. Sony released a cinematic trailer out of the blue and the release date was mentioned at the end.

"Father and Son" Cinematic Trailer

The trailer is titled Father and Son, and as you would expect, it shows Kratos and Atreus fighting off enemies. We also saw a monstrous wolf at the end. If I know my Norse mythology, that wolf could be Fenrir (also known as Fenrisúlfr). We don’t exactly know what the role of Fenrir in the game will be. Will it be a friend or a foe? I guess time will tell.

Previous Leaks

According to several previous leaks, the release date of God of War Ragnarök was supposed to happen on June 30, but we all know that didn’t happen. Recent claims suggested that the announcement was delayed, possibly due to Roe v. Wade.

The same leaks also revealed the Collector’s Edition of Ragnarök, yet this trailer showed us nothing about any kind of edition. You can’t pre-order the game right now either, so I guess we will have to wait even longer to learn more.


God of War Ragnarök isn’t a current-gen exclusive as it's set for release on both PS4 and PS5. A PC port is mentioned, however, given Sony’s past PC releases, we are sure that a PC port of Ragnarök is a just matter of when and not if.

Other PS Games

We know that waiting for Ragnarök till November will be a pain. Well, there are other games you could play while you wait. Sony is launching The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 in September, and you can play one of the best games ever made on PlayStation while waiting for Ragnarök.

So what do you think? Are you excited about God of War Ragnarök? Are you planning to play the game on PS4 or PS5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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