Gloria Victis v. Beta: Party Finder Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG
Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG Steam

Gloria Victis recently received an update that fixed a few bugs and made some improvements to the game. The game is still in early access, which means expect a lot of changes before its official launch.

The developers have introduced a new feature that allows players to filter the map according to different regions. Areas like the safe zone, non-loot zone, and other places will be marked accordingly. This will help players navigate through the map and plan their journey. The Party Finder system also received some improvements. World events will automatically set the system as the "leader" to avoid giving random players responsibility and power.

Gloria Victis v. Beta

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Ballistas positions in Lord's Wrath Abbey have been improved: they were moved a little outside of the walls to prevent them from clipping with the battlements. The amount of experience earned in the early stages of the game has been balanced and reduced, to increase the user experience and ensure the feeling of progression and developing character. From now on, tutorials and hints will be visible even when full-screen panels will be open.
  • The underdog experience buff has been set to 25%. The 50% gold bonus stays as before. This change is an answer to the most recent feedback and observations. New players, especially those who were joining the underdog nations were surprised that leveling is so quick, which had a negative impact on the progression feel.
  • From now, footman hitting horseman/horse who is not moving or moving slowly, will not have reduced dmg (before there was a loss of 5% from damage just because horseman stayed in idle)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue causing the armor type modificator to be calculated incorrectly in the jousting equation.
  • Fixed the issue causing wrong sorting of the chat after each resize of the new interface windows.
  • Fixed an issue causing stone and logs gate defenses could deal damage multiple times if players were leaving and getting into the damage area again. From now on logs and stones are dealing damage to players only once, and their particles fall more synchronized with the debuff collider.
  • Fixed the issue causing cost per attribute point was not refreshed properly on mounts statistics window.

You can read more about the update here.

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