Gloria Victis Update v. Beta: Game Improvements, Combat Changes, and More

Gloria Victis Update v.
Gloria Victis Update v. Steam

Gloria Victis recently received an update that fixed bugs and made tons of improvements. This game is still in beta testing, so players should expect changes and issues. In this update, the disassembly feature becomes an activity, like fishing and archeology. Since disassembly has become a full-fledged skill, the developers have added a massive skill tree that players have to grind to unlock.

Additionally, the developers have made some combat changes like weapons losing durability when used to block an attack. This change is good because, in the previous update, a random part of the player’s equipment would be damaged if they blocked an attack.

Gloria Victis Update v. Beta

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Updated the Abilities interface. From now on it’s not a separate window but a part of the fullscreen UI and also contains the character’s other statistics.
  • Updated the rewards for the fishing quests and some later-stage questlines.
  • Added new NPC shops and market filter types: "Guisarmes" and "Bardiches."
  • Added a new item to the game: Old Bottle, which contains a random treasure map and can be obtained by fishing.
  • Added new events for exchanging Map Fragments for Mysterious Scrolls, which are dropping random maps on use.
Combat and Balance
  • Shield handling endurance is now related to shield durability like any other shield stat.
  • Shield can be raised to block on 100 instead of 125 shield handling endurance.
  • Low shield durability reduces shield handling endurance.
  • The durability cost of using equipment has been adjusted.
  • Fuel requirements to craft top-tier heavy armors have been unified and balanced.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the equipment tier on item tooltips to be displayed as untranslated color coding instead of the actual tier numbers (1-5).
  • Fixed an issue in which the horseman ability "Battle Horse" did not work against the NPC enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the fishing events to be permanently disabled until the next server restart if they ended with failure.
  • Fixed an issue that caused only 1 user to receive a reward for a treasure if two players were doing the very same treasure quest while being in a party together.

You can read more about the update here.

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