Gigabyte Unveils the AORUS C700 Full Glass Case Tower

AORUS-C700 The Gaming Stuff

If you're a gaming PC community member, you may already know that most PC gamers go beyond when putting together a powerful system. They understand that investing in quality PC components also ensures a stable rig. These components are more than just the CPU, RAM, and GPU. Gamers who assemble high-end gaming desktops pay close attention to their PC cases as well.

A good PC case not only secures all PC components but also guarantees excellent airflow. There's no benefit in investing in a $1000 PC if its efficiency is thwarted by bad airflow. Besides airflow, the PC master race community clearly understands that good looks and RGB RAMs add an extra 50 fps to any game. Well, the extra FPS isn't true, but you get the point on how important PC aesthetics and RGB is to some PC owners.

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Gigabyte AUROS C700

The desire for eye-candy aesthetics is often fulfilled by PC case OEMs. They usually excel in manufacturing some of the best PC cases that your money can buy. Recently, Gigabyte revealed the AORUS C700, a full tower glass case that ensures no RGB lighting is hidden from view.

Furthermore, the case itself comes with RGB accents on both sides, and the front, giving an edgy look to the case. The AORUS C700 is also compatible with Gigabyte's proprietary RGB Fusion 2.0 software that enables users to customize the RGB on the case.

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AUROS C700 Specifications

Speaking of specifications, the AORUS C700 can house E-ATX motherboards and support up to 10 hard drives (six 2.5" drives and four 3.5" drives). Coming to the cooling department, the AORUS C700 supports an AIO cooler of up to 420mm. RGB fanatics can find built-in ARGB and PWM controllers with three 5-volt and five PWM connectors in this case.

Gigabyte AORUS C700 is yet to receive an official price tag.

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