Ghost Of Tsushima Co-op Multiplayer Mode Coming In 1.1 Update

A free update is coming.
A free update is coming. Sucker Punch

There’s a lot of new things coming to Ghost of Tsushima and one of these new additions is a co-op multiplayer mode. Dubbed as Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the new mode is inspired by Japanese mythology and arrives on October 16 along with the free Version 1.1 update.

This new content is going to feature two-player story missions along with four-player survival missions. There is also going to be a raid which is set to be released in the weeks after the update is launched.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is also going to introduce players to one of four classes. Each class has its own unique advantages and abilities. These are:

  • Samurai
    • Samurai can run straight into combat and can sustain their health while bringing down enemies. Just in case there are too many enemies, the Samurai can use Hachiman’s Fury ultimate attack in order to slash enemies in a burst of strikes.
  • Hunter
    • As the name implies, Hunters need to stand away from the main battle and snipe enemies from a distance. The Hunter can use explosive arrows in order to slow down groups. The ultimate attack of this class is the Eye of Uchitsune, which unleashes multiple arrows.
  • Ronin
    • Ronin is a good class for players who want a best friend, since this class can summon a Spirit Dog. The ultimate ability of the Ronin is Breath of Izanami, which can help revive the whole team.
  • Assassin
    • The Assassin is a good option for those who want to deal a single attack, but at the same time deal a massive amount of damage. The Shadow Strike ultimate attack lets the Assassin teleport and directly attack enemies.

There’s also going to be Story Missions, which are designed mainly for two players. These missions take players to Gyozen’s stories in order to know what really is going on in Tsushima. Players that manage to unlock higher difficulties not only get to face new encounters, but also tougher enemies. Not to worry as there are bonus objectives and even greater rewards the higher the difficulty level gets.

There are also going to be Survival Missions where players can form a team of four and defend different locations in Tsushima against waves of enemies. The longer the team survives, the more bonus objectives get completed, and the more rewards are earned.

Finally there is the raid, which is a three-part adventure that needs excellent communication and teamwork in order to finish. Players need to hone their skills and put on top-tier gear to complete this one. More details on the raid will be released soon.

Read more about this upcoming update here.

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