Ghost Recon Breakpoint And Anno 1800 Arriving To UPLAY+ On March 24

See what's in store this March.
See what's in store this March. Ubisoft

For those looking for something to do while at home, look no further than UPLAY+. Five big games are set to arrive this March with three already released and two more coming. Both Anno 1800 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint are set to arrive to the service on March 24.

For Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Title Update 2.0 arrives on March 24, which is going to introduce the Ghost Experience. This feature offers players a way to play the game in three different ways. The Immersive Experience offers a new tactical setting along with a loot system that is more realistic. Read more about what Title Update 2.0 has to offer here.

Meanwhile for Anno 1800, March 24 marks the release of the first of its three DLC packs scheduled for this year. Titled as Seat of Power, this DLC has players build a palace that's going to be a symbol of their city in terms of might and power. The first DLC is going to be followed by Bright Harvest, which is going to have a summer release, and Land of Lions, which is expected later in 2020. Read more about Anno 1800's DLCs here.

As mentioned, a total of five releases are expected this month. The first one was last March 3, which was none other than the Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2. This newest expansion brings Agents from D.C. all the way back to New York. Read more about that here.

The new expansion also offers new seasons with the first, Shadow Tide, released just last week. It offers new ways for players to earn rewards. Learn more about Shadow Tide here.

Then there's also Rainbow Six Siege which launched Operation Void Edge. This season serves as the kick off for Year 5. UPLAY+ gives players immediate access to all the Operators available. It even offers early access to Year 5 Operators so players get the chance to try out Operators Oryx and Iana. Learn more about Operation Void Edge here.

If these games feel a bit fast for you, then you can take things slower with UNO. Released early this week, the fun that this classic game offers is heightened to new levels with the UNO Ultimate Edition. It offers a new twist with UNO Flip! and players can even shake things up with the Just Dance, Rayman, and Rabbids decks.

UPLAY+ is the Ubisoft subscription service that is available exclusively for the PC. The subscription is available for $14.99 per month.

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