Ghost Recon Breakpoint Introduces Ghost Experience On March 24

What to expect with the upcoming update?
What to expect with the upcoming update? Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is ready to offer players a new way to player the game with the Ghost Experience. This new feature arrives with Title Update 2.0, which is to be released on March 24. This upcoming update is also going to offer a new class along with other features that have been requested by the community.

So what is the Ghost Experience? Well, it's giving players the option to play in three different ways. The first is the Regular Experience, which is, well, the usual way to play. This means there's the gear level and the tiered loot. The second is the Immersive Experience. This one removes the gear level, but in return offers a loot system that is more realistic. It's also going to offer new tactical settings, all designed to enhance the immersive experience. Finally, there is the Custom Experience. As the name implies, players can tweak the settings to find the one that feels right for them.

The upcoming update is also set to introduce the Engineer Class. The special ability of this class is the Defensive Drone which can attack nearby enemies. The class tool is Ammo Supply Drone which should be helpful as it lets engineers give allies extra magazines. There's a special treat for players who have the Year 1 Pass, as they get a one-week early access to this new class beginning on March 24.

Title Update 2.0 is bringing some other new features that have been requested by the community as well. Some of these include:

  • Base Jump
    • New platforms created in key areas to Base jump from.
    • Systems in-game updated to allow for a more permissive Base jump experience.
    • Auto-deploy distance lowered to allow for more time Base jumping before the parachute is deployed.
  • Camera Placement
  • Players can choose whether the camera dynamically adapts its distance depending on the situation like staying close or moving away from the character.
    • Dynamic
      • The Camera dynamically shifts between close during combat and far out of combat. This is the default setting.
    • Close
      • The Camera stays close to the player character.
    • Far
      • The Camera stays far from the player character.
  • Better Weapon/Gear Sorting Options
    • Favorite System
      • When hovering over an item, players can mark it as a favorite.
      • This can be done whether in the loadout or shop.
      • Once an item is marked as favorite, it cannot be dismantled or sold until deselected.
  • Optimize Gear
    • When Gear Level is activated, the loadout shows a new button.
      • When pressed, players are immediately equipped with all the best gear present in their inventory.
    • Only applies to gear and not weapons.
  • Weapons/Gear Sorting
    • New sorting options added for better usability.
  • Respawn System Improvements
    • ​New respawn points added to relevant/highly traversed areas of the map.
    • Players no longer respawn to the closest point geographically.
    • They now respawn to the latest location they went through before dying.
      • This is to avoid spawning in a location they have not visited before.

You can view the other changes arriving with the update here.

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