The Division 2 Warlords Of New York Is Now Live

Warlords Of New York
Warlords Of New York GAMESPOT

The Division 2's highly anticipated expansion pack, Warlords of New York, is now live. The massive Title Update 8 patch adds tons of new content in the game. The update is 40GB on PC, 16GB on PS4 and 60GB on Xbox One.

You can now explore completely new areas in lower Manhattan. The patch offers up to five new narrative Main Missions and eight interlinked Side Missions. Character max level has increased to 40 and new skills like Explosive Sticky Bomb, Trip-wire, Tap, and Decoy are now available. More gear has also been made available, and previous gear has been heavily reworked.

More information about the new expansion is mentioned below. You can read the complete patch notes on the official site.

Warlords of New York Campaign

Travel to New York City to hunt down Aaron Keener. To find him you will need to investigate his Lieutenants activities, find clues and gain the trust of the Peacekeepers, local militia defending the public.

  • Completely new Open World in lower Manhattan with random world activities, returning factions like the Rikers and Cleaners.
    • 4 new Open World named zones under fog-of-war, with no level-gating, giving you the freedom to tackle the investigation in any way you want.
      • Two Bridges
      • Battery Park
      • Civic Center
      • Financial District
  • 5 new narrative Main Missions taking you through lower Manhattan in your hunt for Aaron Keener.
    • The Tombs
    • Pathway Park
    • Wall Street
    • Stranded Tanker
    • A Mystery Location
  • 8 interlinked Side Missions to investigate clues that will help players find out more about Keener’s operation and his Lieutenants.
    • Police Headquarters
    • Hugh Carey Tunnel
    • Pier 26
    • JTF Shelter
    • City Hall
    • New York Federal Reserve
    • Castle Clinton
    • Doyers Street
  • New level progression from Level 30 to 40!
    • Find out more about your journey in New York from our dedicated article here.
  • A new Base of Operation: Haven
    • Haven is a new Settlement led by Paul Rhodes. The inhabitants consist of survivors from Lower Manhattan, former JTF soldiers, and former police officers, with the latter two forming the Peacekeepers.
    • PUPPY!
  • Re-imagined New York factions
    • Rikers and Cleaners are back!
    • Both have received upgrades to their AI and are fiercer than ever.
    • New archetypes for both Rikers and Cleaners.
  • New, elite variant of the Black Tusk
    • Can be found in legendary difficulty Missions.
    • New archetypes, as the Black Tusk have assimilated parts of the LMB.
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