Get Stuffed! Halloween Supplemental Update Features Bug Fixes and Balancing Changes

Get Stuffed!
Get Stuffed! Steam

A new update is available for the online PvP game, Get Stuffed! The Halloween Supplemental Update fixed several bugs and glitches, and included some balancing changes.


The developers made a small change for the player's spectating screen after dying. Now, the screens give random numbers to dead players, which should prevent teammates from coordinating with each other.

New Objective

In this update, the game gives players an objective for Emergency Medicine when there are no medics or stations if a player becomes infected for a bit. This should help them fight off the infection if they decide to do so.

Get Stuffed! : Halloween Supplemental Update

  • All killers have 25% reduction in knockdown durations.
  • Fixed a ui bug for swarmling help screen.
  • Infected no longer spawns as a zombie in the sandbox.
  • Masochist Final Form can now be selected in sandbox.
  • Shadow Plaguestone ability cooldown reduced to 22 seconds from 35.
  • Shadow has 60% reduction to crowd control (knockdown, slows, stuns).
  • Fixed Lichstone appearing as a purchasable.
  • AI Signal Auto rage only works on Hard or greater. Rage timers adjusted based on difficulty.
  • AI Signal Rage gain for killing construction has also been adjusted and scales with difficulty.
  • Dream Realm Crouch damage reduced to 15 damage from 30.
  • Face Humper Event : Max face humpers out from event is dropped to 3 from 5.
  • Fixed Prank Book not working on vending machines.
  • Cliff Jumper no longer allows the next perk to be free.
  • Objective markers have a 2 second delay before appearing to avoid prematurely marking things.
  • Swarmlings are now affected by attractive ground event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused objectives to drop near where you dropped another item.
  • Fixed an information bug for dream eater.
  • Updated Puppet Master info.
  • Turkeys no longer spawn with big heads.
  • Sub Objectives on non collection maps no longer spawn if 5 minutes or less remain.
  • Fixed a visual bug for hitman.
  • Shop no longer tells you that you have a free perk, if you do not infact have a free perk.
  • Construction Zone is now a red marker.
  • Side Objectives with construction zones, spawn 2 extra supply boxes.

You can read more about the update here.

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