Seven Knights Idle Adventure Launches New Collab with Return of Blossoming Blade

Seven Knights Idle Blossoming
A new collab is here! Netmarble

A new collaboration is now live in Seven Knights Idle Adventure and it's with none other than the Naver Webtoon series titled Return of Blossoming Blade. It's going to add new heroes to the roster along with launching several limited-time events.

Players can look forward to seeing five heroes from Return of Blossoming Blade joining the game. Of course, there's the protagonist Cheongmyeong, who's a melee hero having the active skills which are Seven Blossoms Blade and Plum Blossom Tempest. Cheongmyeong gets the buff Master of Blossoming Blade once he deals damage to enemies with his active skills and in turn increases his critical hit rate and accuracy stats. He also obtains the buff Blessed Dragon of Mount Hua when he lands critical hits which not only increases his attack speed but also the final critical hit damage of allies.

The other characters from the webtoon joining are Baekcheon, Iseol Yu, Yunjong and Jogeol.

Join Limited-Time Events

In celebration of this new crossover, events have been launched which include:

  • Return of the Blossoming Blade Collab Special Check-in (March 7 to April 3)
    • Get the five Return of the Blossoming Blade collab heroes by logging into the game for 14 days.
  • Return of the Blossoming Blade Collab Special Rate Up (March 7 to April 3)
    • Players get a higher chance to summon Return of the Blossoming Blade collab heroes.
  • Challenger Pass (March 7 to April 3)
    • Obtain four of the Return of the Blossoming Blade collab heroes - Baekcheon, Iseol Yu, Yunjong and Jogeol - by finishing the Challenger Pass.
  • Romantic Carnival Event (March 7 to March 20)
    • Legendary hero Orkah and different in-game items including the Cupid Soi Costume can be obtained during this event.
  • Return of the Blossoming Blade Collab Dungeon (March 7 to April 3)
    • Challenge a special collab dungeon where players battle with the special boss, Geumryong Jin

Other New Content

This new collab also brings with it an update which adds two new Legendary heroes Noah and Jake. Stages 11,201 to 12,000 have also been added. Then there's the extension of four types of Daily Dungeons (–Gold Dungeon excluded) to Tier 400. Finally, the maximum level for heroes has also been expanded to 70.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is based on the Seven Knights franchise but has been reimagined as an idle RPG. It's been developed to run on low capacity and low specification devices with the goal of ensuring easy playability.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download for mobile platforms through Android and iOS.

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