‘The Get Down’ Part 2 Trailer: Zeke's Struggle Is Real

mylene the get down part 2
Mylene is killing it. Netflix

The Get Down Part 2 trailer teases a lot more action and drama than the first half of the series. Can Zeke, Mylene and Shaolin deal with the pressure and consequences that come with living their dreams?

get down season 2 trailer
Part 2 is about to be lit. Photo: Netflix

“If making myself is losing myself, then what am I making?” Zeke spitting the truth once again. He’s really going through it right now. He gets kicked out of his house after punching someone who called Shaolin a thug at his fancy internship. “I’m gonna be an emcee whether you like it or not. Come at me!” Zeke shouts at his mother’s boyfriend as he proceeds to pack and leave.

Meanwhile, Mylene is on track to become the #1 disco artist in the country, but Zeke is going to have to learn how to share her with the world. She’s reached true fame, dressing in expensive gold gowns and showing off in packed clubs. Mylene’s father still isn’t on board with her fame, which causes some tension between her parents and Papa Fuerte.

mylene the get down part 2
Mylene is killing it. Photo: Netflix

Shaolin, who is still doing shady shit to support the crew, looks to be getting a little jealous of Zeke and Mylene. He’s going to have to make some tough decisions to cut ties with the streets. Hopefully, he can make shit right because The Get Down brothers can’t do it without him.

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The Get Down Part 2 premieres on Netflix April 7.

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