Genshin Impact: Upcoming Expansion to Introduce Fourth Nation

Welcome to a new nation.
Welcome to a new nation. miHoyo

A new expansion is launching in Genshin Impact this August 24 and is set to make a big change. Version 3.0, titled “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings,” introduces players to Sumeru, the fourth of the seven major nations in the game. It’s also set to release the Dendro element gameplay, the last piece of the seven-element system.

The massive region of Sumero is located west of Liyue, divided into two parts: the desert and the rainforest. On launch, players can explore the rainforest along with the various settlements within it, which includes Sumeru City and Port Ormos.

Sumeru is also known as the Nation of Wisdom and is home to the most prestigious historical institution, the Akademiya. This was founded by scholars loyal to the previous Archon Dendron, the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. When Lesser Lord Kusanali succeeded the previous Dendro Archon five centuries ago, it made her the youngest of The Seven. It also resulted in the Akademiya coming to power as the state’s governing body. This turned knowledge into a resource that was strictly managed.

Dendro Element

With this new expansion , the Dendro element becomes playable. It can trigger three different basic reactions which are:

  • Burning (if used with Pyro element)
  • Bloom (if used with Hydro element)
  • Catalyze (if used with Electro element)

While in combat, Boom and Catalyze can evolve into further reactions. When Dendro meets Hydro, the Bloom reaction spawns one or more Dendro Cores, dealing delayed explosive Dendro damage. If these Dendro Cores come into contact with Pyro or Electro before exploding, they can trigger the Burgeon reaction and increase their AoE Dendro DMG or trigger the Hyperbloom reaction which then turns Dendro Cores into Sprawling Shots that can track down nearby enemies.

The Catalyze reaction stems from Dendro and Electro and can apply the Quicken effect to affected targets as well as increase their damage taken from the next Dendro or Electro hit by triggering the Spread or Aggravate reaction.

That’s not all. When in the Sumeru rainforest, plants and creatures that have Dendro characteristics can take different polymorphic transformations when it comes into contact with the Hydro, Pyro, and Electro elements. Monsters, for example, can switch between different states or attack sequences and even produce various drops. Meanwhile, certain plants and mushrooms can provide useful effects.

In addition, the humid tropical areas provide ideal living grounds for a wide range of wildlife. The Shroom-Kin has evolved into a special species called the Fungi, to protect their homeland. There is also the new boss enemy, known as the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, which is a Fungus with a strong animalistic nature and can become quite territorial and aggressive. Another new Boss enemy is the Electro Regisvine, waiting for Travelers in the depths of the forest.

Optimizations and Features

In addition to what’s been mentioned, the upcoming expansion also brings optimizations and features aimed at enhancing gameplay. There are new tools that can be acquired to make adventures easier.

What do you think about this upcoming expansion?

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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