Genius Overwatch Strategy Makes Bastion Mobile

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This is definitely a strategy you might want to try with your friends.
This is definitely a strategy you might want to try with your friends. Blizzard

Although Bastion is considered to be one of the highest damage-dealing heroes in Overwatch, his mobility has been a roadblock. The ridiculous amount of damage he can give is always based on how effective his position is.

Bastion’s mobility in Overwatch is without a doubt a drawback. He can pump incredible damage all the time, but his effectiveness can only be guaranteed if he gets protection from his allies when in turret form. That is why he can easily be shut down, especially when you are good at sneaking in.

But the Overwatch team Battle Gold has the perfect strategy to make Bastion mobile in any match. The idea is to simply pair him with Symmetra, whom he will work together on the defensive side of Volskaya. Basically, the team relocated Bastion while he was still in turret form by using and placing teleporters beneath him.

Thanks to Symmetra, Bastion was able to jump back and forth between buildings. He was able to dish out rapid damage to his opponents, allowing the team to control the point in the map. The strategy is so effective Bastion could easily take down any enemy. Here’s how the strategy works in action.

You might think that picking Symmetra is a mistake, but she has actually become a very powerful Damage hero since Blizzard introduced the role queue system. As a matter of fact, she has since become one of the most successful heroes in her rank. If this had been a Symmetra from the past, picking her alongside Bastion would have been a huge mistake.

This strategy also proves that Bastion does not really need the kind of resources the rest of the team requires. Keep in mind that, in the past, players would partner Bastion with a hero like Reinhardt who could be his shield while taking all enemies down. With Symmetra on his side, Bastion can easily teleport to a new location and bring the hurt. And whenever he needs protection, Symmetra can just take him to safety with ease. We expect this to be used heavily in pub games and hope Blizzard will not remove this clever repositioning.

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