This Sombra Rework Makes Her The Best Support In Overwatch

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Sombra actually has the skills necessary to make her the best support in the game.
Sombra actually has the skills necessary to make her the best support in the game. Blizzard

Sombra arrived back in late 2016, but she was not necessarily the most-picked hero after she showed up. While her hacking and EMP skills do make her a force to be reckoned with, many players found her extremely difficult most of the time. However, an Overwatch fan showed the world that Sombra is more than just a hero with a pretty face.

Sombra is mostly known for her DPS-based moves. What most players fail to realize, however, is that the Mexican can be a great support character on the battlefield.

Let’s start with making her a healer. A YouTuber uploaded a video and showcased the hero in the Workshop mode creation, allowing the user to switch her role to focus more on healing. He even renamed her to “Luz,” which is actually “light” in Spanish (Sombra means “shadow”).

Basically, this reworked Sombra uses her hacking ability in order to restore her teammates’ health. The user called the new skill “Healing Hack.” As for the hero’s stealth mode, it is used to self-heal and is known as “Medic Stealth.”

As for Sombra’s Translocator, it is changed to “EMP Trap.” Mind you, it is not only meant to be used for deploying a wire trap across an area – you can also throw and trigger it mid-flight. If an opponent comes into contact with the skill, he/she gets hacked right away, rendering all of his/her skills useless.

But perhaps the most interesting of all is none other than Sombra's ultimate, which the hero uses to fill up an ally’s ult instead of her own. There is no doubt that this is extremely helpful, especially when you are in very difficult situations.

Of course, this rework of Sombra’s skills and abilities is not official. But if you want to try it out, feel free to do so. Just simply head to the Workshop mode and use code WVKF. We are confident that you will love Luz as much as we do. And while we would rather have this type of Sombra in Overwatch, we can only hope for the best. You never know, though – Blizzard might use the video for inspiration in the future.

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