Gedonia 0.11a Patch Notes Includes Open World And Dungeon Mode Updates Along With New NPCs

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Kazakov Oleg, the developer of medieval open world RPG Gedonia, has introduced multiple dungeon modes and other updates to the game in its most recent update. Along with brand new NPCs, and old NPCs now having proper names, factions such as Mages, Warriors, and the others also received new items.

The dungeons now have a minimum clearance level along with new enemies and attacks. The latest update brought in bows to the item pool, but the new addition might mess up the weapon saves. Some general bugs were also addressed in the game.

Gedonia Update 0.11a Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Open world Updates:

  • new NPCs in Ertoron, previous NPCs have loot and names now, almost all buildings have interiors
  • An item intendants were added for factions of Mages (mage academy), Warriors (darklands border), Monastery (Cathedral in ertoron), Bandits (bandits camp in golden forest), Necromants (Placeholder merchant until necromants lair is added, located on the border between desert and swamps near the great wall)
  • Until faction quests aren't in the game, a placeholder way to increase reputation was added by donating gold
  • New improved base of warriors on the darklands border
  • All dungeons now have minimum level requirements

Dungeons mode updates:

  • New enemies, enemies now progress visually and have new attacks
  • Enemies can become elite and have random afficses
  • You can now gather different items and give the to NPC merchant for different rewards
  • You can now hire mercenaries in dungeons mode so the charisma builds there are viable
  • Bows are added to the items pool, but this will unfortunately mean that some of your weapons might be messed up in your previous saves, sorry about that
  • Armor recipes were removed from dungeons

Other changes:

  • Stoneskin potion and sturgeon effects changed
  • Kick ability was removed from the game, and it was replaced with new passive called fencing
  • Whirlwind damage nerfed from 100% per hit to 60%
  • Lasso now correctly works on focused targets
  • Player being knocked down now has internal cooldown of 5 seconds, which means that you won't be able to be knocked down constantly
  • Fixed the bug with stray dog stacking rage endlessly
  • Most of the magic abilities now can crit and benefit from crit chance
  • Improved version of arcane bread now can be learned
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs
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